Thursday, May 9, 2019

HIVE ( Co-Working Space)

A Hive can never survive on its own, instead, it thrives on the unique interaction and collaboration between bees. A hive is a space where they can learn, nurture, teach and work.
...from a single bee to a colony...that is the story of HIVE. 

Opening its doors to the Cebuanos this May 17, 2019, HIVE, a hip Co-Working Cafe. Hive is the perfect venue for people to engage and work with people from different walks of life. It's the new go-to place for professionals today. It's a vibrant space for the digital nomads; a dynamic venue for start-ups who need to work and meet up with their clients online; a safe place for students who need to study and do their research; a sanctuary for bookworms looking for a modern library space to curl up with a good book.  Or a cool place for those seeking for a new place to just chill from the dizzying city life. 

Cebuanos are more dynamic and very receptive to new things and places. People nowadays like to look for a place that is perfect for them to do their work which of course includes convenience, accessibility and must be conducive for their purpose (a cozy & homey space).
HIVE wants to provide a more than beautiful shared office spaces to create environments for innovation, connection and productivity for the Cebu community. For Php 40 per hour with unlimited brewed coffee and a working place of your own, you get to have a very comfortable desk station with strong wifi connection conducive for work. And if you plan on staying the whole day, you can avail of Hive's daily rate of Php 399 only. Take note that Hive is open from 8am to 4am daily. 

Mr. Fritz Alami Selma Cañedo and Miss Paula Fiel

HIVE also offers a wide array of food options to choose from which include all day Filipino breakfast, salads, and desserts. A working cafe that gives you the perfect avenue for building the productive you.

HIVE can accommodate 40 seats with one conference room good for ten pax. What makes it more exciting is that they have their own website: which allows you to book and reserve your seat in advance. Owner and young entrepreneur, Mr. Fritz Alami Selma Cañedo's mantra is, "I don't want to waste my clients' time so I will make sure that everything is easy for them." 

Mr. Fritz Alami Selma Cañedo, Hive Owner.

Pursuing his passion as a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from University of San Carlos, the 27-year-old bachelor, Mr. Fritz Cañedo also took up further studies in Australia at the internationally recognized culinary arts school, Le  Cordon Bleu. Hence, the birth of his business - HIVE.

Situated at the Ground floor of Arellano Square Building, N. Escario Street, Corner Tojong Street, Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City Philippines, HIVE, definitely is found in the ideal place surrounded by malls, hotels, schools, and residences. Plus, with its parking space that can occupy 30 cars for an 80 square meter space prepared for you, it surely is the place to be!

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Surfing Capital of the Philippines,"Siargao"

Cebu Pacific Air alongside with Klook brings Cebu Travel Bloggers to the most relaxing destination, "The Surfing Capital of the Philippines" - Siargao Island.

We were onboard via the new craft of Cebu Pacific Air. Our flight to Siargao was at 7:30am and it takes 45 mins to an hour to be on this beautiful island. We had our pre-ordered meal the chicken burrito with apple juice.

From Siargao airport to General Luna would take at least an hour. Thanks to Sir Benjie Bona, our PR officer from the Department of Tourism Regional Office who made sure we have a comfortable stay and van service. Thanks to Sir Phillip of Maharlika for being so hospitable and letting us stay in your cozy homey place.

The first leg of our trip was at the Coconut Fields where you would see the astounding green tall palm trees. The nostalgic place reminds me of living a life in the province where fresh air abounds.

Siargao Coconut Fields
We headed to our hotel where we will be staying for 3 days and 2 nights. The newly opened hotel named El Ghana... located just five minutes away from the famous Cloud 9.

El Ghana Hotel, Siargao

With the Siargao Team!
Personally, I got so excited about this trip as this will be my first time to visit the famous Island. I have been to the other two prominent surfing towns, Baler, and San Juan. As what I have heard from my friends, Siargao beach is quite rocky so it might be dangerous to surf -  I thought of not taking the risk at all. But that did not come out real. As I walked nearer to Cloud 9 and saw the majestic view of the sea and the people enjoying the big waves of the Pacific, I was enticed to agree on making it to the surfing spot - and of course, I did not regret making my way and standing on the surfboard and flowing smoothly with the giant waves.

Siargao's Cloud 9

Surfing @ Siargao's Cloud 9

Our dinner on our first night was at Kermits,  a well-known resto that offers Italian food like pizza, calzone, pasta, risotto, salads and a lot more...our grand dinner was sponsored by Cebu Pacific.


It was our first night full of fun and enjoyment with new friends and great food at Kermits. Then we called it a night.

We headed home to rest to prepare for our island hopping at San Benito Town the next day. Forty-Five mins to an hour trip via land is the way to San Benito.

We woke up early to experience the majestic sunrise in Cloud 9. Though it was kinda cloudy at least we had a glimpse of the sunrise and went to have breakfast at Shaka.

Shaka's Fruit Bowl
At Shaka we had healthy options to choose from like a bowl of quinoa with fruits, berries, nuts and a lot more. For me, I had this bowl of quinoa which is made of peanut butter, quinoa and banana along with a long black coffee.

Shaka's Superbowl and iced latte

Enjoying the island life
At 8am, we were on our way to San Benito town. I just can't wait for our adventure of discovering new unrevealed islands in this town. With the help of the Carraga's Regional Officer, Mr. Benjie Bono and San Benito Municipal DOT officer, Miss Florabelle Roculas, this tour was made possible. The objective of this island hopping is to open the new islands to the public as this would really be new options for the tourists, locally and internationally.

I am super excited to be one of the digital influencers to show you these islands:

Pagsabayan Island

Pagsabayan Island

Pagsabayan Island

First of the three is Pagbasayan Island, it is perfect for hightide 'cause the island will always have calm waves despite low pressure.

With Php 2500 aircon room for overnight and you can bring your tent for Php 150

(Banana boat Php 30 per head, kayak php100 per hour)
Php 1500 good for 6 pax with excess php100 per head entrance Php 60. Boat Fare to Pagsabayan is at Php 1500 which includes three islands for island hopping.

Serenity at its best at Kangkangon Island

Arriving at Kangkangon Island

Kangkangon Island

A white stretched sand that gives you the best sandy beach conducive for swimming with your friends and family. It also has cottages available for picnics and for hanging out.

Feeling the summer heat at Naked Island

@Naked Island
Campayas Naked Island in San Benito, Siargao

Deviating from the ordinary island hopping, with the help of the Regional and Municipal DOT officers, we were introduced to Campayas Naked Island in San Benito.

The Team Siargao at Poneas Lake

Loving the view at Poneas Lake

Provincial life it is!

Poneas Lake 

Poneas Lake is somewhat similar to San Jose's Balinsasayao Twin Lake in Negros Oriental. It is hidden in the middle of a jungle. You will have to trek your way up for about 45 minutes to an hour to discover this hidden gem. Thank you to all the senior citizens of San Benito as they really worked hard to make the tourists visit easier by creating a handle made by ropes and foot trails were made too for our safety.
Then we went back to General Luna for dinner at Sugba Grill and headed towards Harana, one of the famous bars in Siargao. Visiting Siargao and experiencing its island life is so new to me, why?
Let me give you specific examples:

Harana Surf Resort

Businesses like bars and clubs are united in making sure that there is fair share with regards to scheduling what bar is open from a certain duration to see to it that they all will have their own profits and businesses operating in a healthy competition. For example, if tonight's party is at Harana from 9pm to 12am and Bravo Resto will be from 12am to 4am, then party people will altogether walk towards the new bar.

For me, It was a new experience partying on the island where you will see a lot of people, the locals and foreigners, and even celebrities in the same venue. You may want to try their local craft beer too,  the Engkanto. 

Hab-Hab Siargao

The next morning, we got an invite for breakfast in a Cebuano-owned restaurant, Hab- Hab! From the Cebuano name itself, Hab-Hab, you would be able to comprehend that they are offering great food in big servings that can really satisfy your cravings and hunger.

Of course, our favorite breakfast meals are available here just like bacon, tapa, longganisa, hotdogs, corned beef. They also offer the best sisig and burger. Also their delicious chicken with a variety of flavors that you can choose from.

After having our breakfast, we started our day's itinerary before going to the airport for our flight back to Cebu.

Maasin River

We went to Maasin River. This place is 15 mins away from General Luna. Though not that well known yet, this for me is one of the best destinations that you can enjoy. The locals guiding the place are very friendly and helpful. They would offer assistance in taking photos, climbing up the coconut tree and boating to their mini lagoon to take a beautiful reminder of this place. I, enjoyed the swimming in the cold fresh water while sipping my coconut water. One of my blogger friends enjoyed climbing swinging sideways in the coconut tree. :)

Maasin River

Sunrise in Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Deviating from the usual island tours in Siargao, we were introduced to the islands of San Benito, Surigao. As these islands soon would be the next tourist destination of Siargao tours.

Proud to say, my eyes were open and my perspective expanded wider on what Siargao can offer. Beautiful places and people are in this place. Now, I fully understand why people who visit Siargao want to stay on this island. It's basically because of the simple living and the community that you will be able to find here.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Oyster Bay Seafood and Restaurant

 Where else will your craving of a garlic butter soaked in a healthy olive oil baked giant mud crab be satisfied?

Only at Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant. Situated at Bridges Town Square,  Plaridel St., Alang-Alang, Mandaue City.

Oyster Bay Crab

 I had the chance to visit Oyster Bay this week and it was definitely a grand experience to taste their Oyster Bay Crab.

 Even before tasting it, the sweet aroma of the baked butter garlic is mouthwatering and should I say hypnotizing. You just can't wait but to dig in to it right away without further ado.

 But of course, I was so impatient to indulge myself to this heavenly feeling of tossing it directly to my mouth and badging into it. It makes you forget your supposedly counted scoops of rice and just give in for the sake of this delicious Oyster Bay Crab.

Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant

 A cozy resto emblazoned with genuinely preserved seashells which makes the place more adoring especially for seafood lovers. It gives you a fresh scene of thenatural sea as you dine in with the fresh clams, fish, crabs, oysters, seamantis shrimps and lobsters (bamboo, tiger and red) within your vicinity.

 VISIT Oyster Bay and TASTE their featured  Oyster Bay Crab and you will own a unique experience of a very sumptuous meal that you will never forget!

Oyster Bar Seafood Resto Function Room

If you want to hold special celebrations, you may inquire for their function room for exclusivity with
your family and friends.

 For reservations, you may call


 Operating Hours: 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm daily.

#OysterBayCrab #OysterBay #Glitterzescapades

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is this year’s talk of the town. People are crazy about Japan’s Sakura in springtime and picturesque view in autumn. I am one with my desire to visit Japan and see it for myself, and so my Japan journey began.

True enough, the company of friends you will be traveling with is so essential in making your trip memorable. At this point in time, I am traveling with close friends, of course via Philippine Airlines.

Pre- Trip Requirements:
  1. Visa for Japan (which cost Php2000 per head but if you are able to avail any promo especially during International travel festival, you can avail it for a lesser price. Ours is Php 500 per head)
  2. Plane ticket. Philippine Airlines, the heart of the Filipinos travel to Kansai directly from Mactan Cebu for four hours. It serves 1 meal and unlimited wine plus their PAL player which gives you entertainment while flying.
  3. Check for Klook’s tour packages especially for Temple tour, Universal Studio, Disneyland and Sea packages, Mt. Fuji and a lot more to avail of special promos.
  4. Book a hotel or Airbnb for convenience.
  5. Check for weather forecast when traveling to Japan so you can bring clothes conducive to its respective weather.
  6. Bring Japanese Yen for you to be able to purchase train passes or you can also buy it at the airport.
At Mabuhay Lounge of Cebu Mactan International Airport
At Mabuhay Lounge of Cebu Mactan International Airport

***Miscellaneous needs:

* Upon arrival in Japan, we right away look for WiFi device. And just across the currency exchange station, we were able to see the Ninja Wifi Station which cost 1200 per day with unlimited data for 6 devices.

* Download Japan Travel for real-time route schedules of the train and its respective schedule and station.

* Download Google translates as most of the Japanese cannot understand or speak English. You can use the google translate to let them listen to the translation.

From Kansai Airport, we traveled almost 30 minutes to reach to Imamiya station as that is where our home in Osaka will be.

Our Airbnb place is a small but very clean place which gives a fusion of a Japanese and modern design of a condo unit.

It’s fully furnished that allows us to cook, wash our clothes and gives us the option to the air-conditioner or heater.


* To save for food and water: Buy your food at 7/11 or Family Mart


Our first day in Osaka was spent in Universal Studios. We had booked our tickets ahead thru online:

Universal Japan- Php 3,654.00 per head.

It was my happiest day. I was able to unleash the child in me. I watched the Christmas parade where the minions, hello kitty and snowman were part of it.
With my favorite cartoon character - minion
Universal Studio- Osaka, Japan

Universal Studio- Osaka, Japan

I tried the Harry Potter 4d and tried it even twice! This is my favorite ride! I achieved flying with Harry Potter and I was able to experience what it feels like to be in Hogwarts. 😊

Harry Potter in Universal Studios - Osaka

Harry Potter in Universal Studios - Osaka
Harry Potter in Universal Studios - Osaka

You can also purchase a pasma pass for discounted rates of your train pass.

Buying a train pass

Food inside universal is quite expensive but what do you expect?! But since you are already there, there is no other way but seize the day!

 With my Japan travel buddies

 Amazed with the Harry Potter Village

Busy posting pictures at Hogwarts

Try everything you can and maximize this chance!

At Dotonbori for dinner

At Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan

At Dotonbori, you will have a wide array of options of authentic Japanese food to choose from like Takoyaki, Sushi, Ramen and a lot more.

We had dinner in Ichiran- Dotonbori. The best part was trying their best Ramen that makes the waiting in a long line worthwhile.

At Imamiya Train Station

2nd day: Temple Tour in Kyoto

Since we have been rejected with our Temple Tour packages, we made it a DIY tour. The night before we researched and prepared the information on the location and the fare and how to get there for us to have our own tour. With no regrets, we were able to make the most of our time. We enjoyed taking a lot of pictures of the beautiful scenery of autumn in Kyoto.

At the crossing... on our way to Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace
Sakura in Kyoto, Japan

Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Kyoto

Enjoying Kyoto at its best during autumn

My passion

Kuya Rico and Ate Beth at their 10th year anniversary in Kyoto

My travel buddies

With my favorite gals

Fushimi- Inari

At Fushimi Inari
At Fushimi Inari

 At Fushimi Inari

At Fushimi Inari

At Fushimi Inari

At Fushimi Inari

At Fushimi Inari

At Fushimi Inari
Kiyomizu-dera Temple

At the train going to Kyoto
3rd day: Flight to Tokyo

We decided to take an hour flight to Tokyo/ Haneda for Php 3,869.00 instead of taking the Shinkansen for Php7000 per head. We stayed in Kawasaki-Ku which is just 15-20 minutes away from Shibuya.

Our flight was 7am and we arrived in Haneda Airport at 8am then went directly to Kawasaki. We left our things and we went out to Shibuya to see the statue of Hachiko and to experience the big famous crossing: Shibuya crossing.
Then, we searched for Ichiran Ramen along Shibuya to comfort us from the long, tiring but fun day!
At Hachiku statue in Shibuya

The Shibuya crossing
At Sensoji Temple in Tokyo
At Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

At Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

At Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

At Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

This was also the day when we had our shopping at Don Quixote, the famous 24-hour pasalubong - shopping center of Tokyo. We bought Japanese chocolates, chips, and other Japanese stuff… tax-free, of course!

Kawasaki neighborhood

This is where we stayed in Kawasaki

The next day, we went to Yokohama, we tried to go out there on our own trying to make our way to the big city hoping we will not be lost.

Yokohama Park 

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park

Yokohama Park
Japan is a beautiful country with disciplined people. The tidy restrooms, the systematic and very advanced subway vividly emblazoned the admirable values of the Japanese people.

Their minimalistic and simple way of living is blatantly seen through their way of life. I have seen them meticulously studying how their government takes care of their people from their children whom they teach independence and love for their country to the growing young adults that would be making a difference in Japan and to the whole world.

Breakdown of expenses per person

Airbnb Osaka-2,981.01
Temple tour- 2,791.00
Universal Japan- 3,654.00
Osaka-Haneda- 3,869.00
TOTAL- 13,295.01/HEAD

Care to share your thoughts!