Saturday, July 14, 2018

Coron Islands, Philippines

Undeniably, THE PHILIPPINES is abundant with countless of wonderful and grand natural resources. Pristine blue waters and crystal white sands here, luxurious marine life there and friendly people everywhere.

Coron Island, Philippines

I've been to a lot of places in my own land and the number one in my bucket list is yet to be discovered in this blog, Coron Islands.

After a year of planning with friends, the day has finally come when I have to find out why Coron, as they say, is one of the best in the Philippines, It is known to be as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Of course, my love, Philippine Airlines is the carrier that's flying daily from Cebu to Busuanga! So we took on the flight from Cebu to Busuanga at 5:30am and we arrived at 6:30am.

Coron Island, Philippines

During my first day in Coron, I got so excited to see the town that we decided to have breakfast in one of the restaurants and we also bought some stuff at Balinsasayaw store.

  Balinsasayaw Store at Coron Island, Philippines

This vacation became more memorable with us choosing the best place to take care of our vacation needs, and that's one of the best in Coron Islands, Balinsasayaw Resort. (Please see next blog for Balinsasayaw Resort)

Balinsasayaw Resort, Coron Island, Philippines

Balinsasayaw Resort is a fifteen-minute boat ride from the town of Coron across the beautiful scenery of the sleeping giant. Balinsasayaw Resort encompasses private, family rooms, cabanas, their own resto and offers activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, island hopping, and table tennis. Read my blog link below for more info on Balinsasayaw Resort:
 Balinsasayaw Resort, Coron Island, Philippines

Balinsasayaw Resort, Coron Island, Philippines


Day 1 tour includes:

Kayangan Lake: where the best shot of Coron can be taken
Fish Cage (privately owned by Balinsasayaw Resort)

Barracuda Lake

Twin Lake

Day 2 includes:

Marcilla Island, Mataya Island & Diwaran Island

Makinit Island

Day 3 includes:

Calauit Safari Park

Black Island

 Skeleton Wreck 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

S&R Cebu Open House this July 12-15, 2018

S&R loves to surprise the Cebuanos! If you can remember, S&R is the first to introduce world-class membership shopping club here in Cebu which is modeled after the warehouse shopping chains in the United States. And now first to open its big warehouse store to everyone specifically on July 12-15, 2018; 8am to 10pm.

Since the first time  I came to know S&R, I have been fascinated with their imported and enormous products! I really love to purchase in S&R as it gives you a wide array of selections to choose from. From international and local brands to fresh meats, veggies, and fruits. Definitely a one-stop shop for us. 

It is the first time ever for S&R Cebu to have its open house to everyone with no membership needed. Can you believe it? If I were you, You have to get ready for big surprises as nine SnR branches will be opening its door to welcome You, your family and your friends!

If not in Cebu, you don't have to worry as the open house promotion is also available to other nine participating S&R branches nationwide:


Digital Influencers, The Cebu Bloggers Society with the S&R associates.
It is an amazing experience to be a messenger of great news like this. S&R executives and associates were united in making this news buzz to all Cebuanos and to all Filipinos of the #SnROpenhouse through the help of the media and the digital Influencers,  which I, personally find it very appealing as I was able to go around SnR Cebu last July 07, Saturday to check and experience first hand the excitement of getting that big cart and strolling around to shop with a variety of options available. Not to mention the BUY 1 TAKE 1 promotions, of course, big discounts, and exclusive products that you can only buy from S&R.

S&R pizza! Our all-time favorite!
And of course, french fries!

From your basic needs to luxuries! Exceptional and great products await you, only at S&R Cebu!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Balinsasayaw Resort

My beloved country, THE PHILIPPINES is composed of 7,641 islands including the new discoveries added from what we've learned in school before which was 7,107 islands.
Now, there's more to discover in my country. One of the famous and most talked about destination is Coron in Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines.

You might be super excited to have a summer getaway in Coron and been dreaming to go to this paradise island of the Philippines.

As your travel blogger, let me help you with one of the major concerns in planning your trip, and that's your accommodation. Surely, you want to enjoy every minute and every second being in one the most beautiful place on earth and you deserve to have less worries. You need not think much but instead just flow freely of the itinerary prepared for you by one of the best islands in Coron that can give you a package that includes the food, island hopping, and your room stay. That is BALINSASAYAW RESORT in Uson Island, Barangay Lajala, Coron, Busuanga Island, Philippines.

Balinsasayaw Resort from afar

Welcome to Balinsasayaw Resort
Just the right place to be in - in Coron

The breathtaking view of Balinsasayaw Resort

BALINSASAYAW RESORT is a fifteen-minute boat ride away from the mainland. It is a private island that offers great stay in a bamboo house (very Filipino) with a one-stop shop that has its own restaurant, souvenir shop, table games (like table tennis and air hockey) and it also has a lot of hammocks and cabanas where you can spend your "me time" thinking and watching the beautiful sleeping giant which is merely situated across the resort.



 Balinsasayaw Resort's family area

 Balinsasayaw Resort's family area

Cabana for your "me time"


This is where you will have your meals with friends and families



BALINSASAYAW RESORT also offers kayaking and paddle boarding. And wait there's more, they also have their own private fish cage where you can snorkel and see the wonderful underwater scenery.

The Fish Cage

With your room accommodation at Balinsasayaw, it includes boat transfers, breakfast, welcome drink, air-conditioned rooms, toilet and bath, and veranda.

  Book your stay now at:

Mobile number: 0917 328 7274 /  0939 913 6320
  Email address:

Here are additional places to visit in Coron:
The Balinsasayaw Souvenir Shop

L Escarda's Coron Harvest - where you can but the freshest and delicious cashew nuts

Balinsasayaw Kwik Stop - your one stop shop for your basic needs!
The Balinsasayaw Restaurant: A Filipino restaurant where you can have a sumptuous meal

What are you waiting for?! book now and experience the natural beauty of Coron, only at Balinsasayaw Resort!

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