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Who would have thought that we can do an exciting tour at Casa de Cacao - the home of our Chocolate Queen? Together with the other 26 participants from Cebu, Dumaguete City, Bacolod, and even from Colombia were able to do a virtual tour in Casa de Cacao facilitated by the Spiller of the Beans - Miss Hannah T. Choa last Saturday - July 25, 2020, at 11 am.

PG Guba, one of the best tour guides in Cebu has now collaborated with The Chocolate Chamber Academy as their official virtual tour guide. Moving forward, there will be a series of virtual tours coming up to be posted soon.
PG will be posting virtual tour events on her Facebook page: @papeldeliha and options will be provided to you as she will message you personally for the price and the Zoom ID and password. Just message her if you want to experience virtual tours from the Chocolate Family.

From my first virtual tour experience via Zoom, it was very educational and interactive - it felt like a real walk at Casa de Cacao. A lot of things…

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