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Pilipinas Shell’s 54th National Students Art Competition award ceremony celebrates the role of young artists in nation-building

The recent culmination of the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s 54th National  Students Art Competition (NSAC) showed the influence that the next generation of  talents can exercise in securing a bright future for the country. More than 1,500 entries  nationwide, in illustrating the contest’s theme ‘reSTART,’ were a collective call to action  to inspire the youth to take a stronger role in rebuilding the nation. Awards were given to  the three most outstanding pieces in each of the four categories:   Digital Fine Arts,  Sculpture, Watercolor, and Oil and Acrylic.  Lorelie Quiambao-Osial, Pilipinas Shell Country Chairwoman, expressed to the young  artists her confidence in how they can make a difference in a world that is slowly  rebuilding itself after a major crisis: “The pandemic has affected every aspect of our  lives. Yet there was a strength of spirit inside you that shone through. We see it mostly in  your art, and that is what we are recognizing today.  As we bravely conti

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