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Hannah Choa as the "Youth Ambassador of FCCT's youth"

"Beautiful things come with time" the proverb says.   Thus, the beautiful princess and the spiller of the beans, Hannah Choa -   the daughter of our Chocolate Queen arises from her cocoon and now comes out beautifully just like a butterfly carrying the passion that her mom has started. As her mom's voice echoes through her young mind, Hannah never came far from what her mom envisioned her to be. As the Chocolate Queen has always been walking her talk of loving her 3Cs (Creator, Country, and Cacao) and never forgets to connect it to her mission: From the Land to the brand to life … this has come easily through the help of FCCT, a cooperative that focuses more on agriculture and taking care of the farmers and the next generation of farmers. FCCT has collaborated with The Chocolate Chamber in promoting their produce from Tuburan to the people of Cebu City -   Giving them the best of their harvests. As the Chocolate Queen works with FCCT in making sure they will hav

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