Discovering Laoag City!

Stress- a state resulting from stress; especially: one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium(job related stress) (Merriam-Webster). In Addition, Stress typically describes a negative concept that can impact on one's mental and physical well being.

Amidst the Chaotic atmosphere of our workplace, when suddenly, an idea came to my mind! I wanna relax, chill and be somewhere away--- as in away from work!

I wanna go North of the Philippines. Places keep flashing to my mind.. pulled out my laptop and googled few places near Benguet area. Lived 4 years in Baguio City but I haven't really been in a road trip since my college years.
So then it started my quest for a real fun Vacation--- with my closest friends... Chode and Leonel.
It was mid february of 2011 when we made our dreams a reality. The three of us prepared our things and went straight to Mactan-Cebu Airport. It was four o' clock in the morning and our flight is at six thirty in the morning. We headed to our terminal.
It was an hour flight to Manila via Cebu Pacific and we have rush to terminal 3 for Philippine Airlines bound for Laoag City, Ilocos Norte at 9:35 in the morning -our first stop. After an hour, we landed in Laoag International Airport.

It was sunny tuesday morning. We planned to rent a tricycle for a day tour in the city, but since it was not comfortable and advisable to stuck our things in a tricycle, we ended renting a Van for Php 3000.00 which would tour us around Laoag City and Vigan City for the whole day:

In Laoag City: The Sinking Bell Tower:

Tobacco Monopoly:

We visited the Famous Museum of Ilocos Norte for Php 20.00 we had seen a lot of old stuffs, antiques and etc.
And my favorite in Laoag is the Sand dunes..where we ran, jumped and took a lot of pictures.. I just can't believe that we have our version of SAHARA Dessert. It was one of the best place I've ever seen in my entire life. As I came out of the van. I was filled with awe as I went up the hill and looked down on the beautiful crystal blue sea that goes straight to China sea. I was standing in between the open sea and the mountains. What a great place to be..
then, we visited few churches and cathedrals:
                                                 To Fort Ilocandia Hotel:
We also went to the Malacanang of the North-- the old house of the Marcos Family:
Paoay Church:
Lastly, we went to see the body of our former president, Ferdinand Marcos in Batac, Unfortunately, Taking of pictures are not allowed. Then we bid Laoag City, Goodbye. Then on to our next journey, The Hispanic City---Vigan!


Happy Times! Beautiful Indeed! Wished I was with & 4 seemed not to be crowded? hahahaha!