Journeying the journey called LIFE..

LIFE---- according to Merriam Webster dictionary is a sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual.

I may not have the so- called fullness of life as I look back from my childhood to my present years.

I wanna do a lot of things, I wanna be someone that my parents would be proud of. I want to give them the best that life offers. I want to be someone who will save them from all heartaches, pains and hardships.

Since I was 2 years old,I want to stare at my dad and promise him that I will stick with him through his bad and good years--- as he laid there asleep.

I always thought life would be kind, subtle and great. It never ever crossed my mind that I would be one of the enemies of this world.

One day at a time, all that I have, all the relationships I have started disappearing..people come and go, like a wind that passes by. My brother and I are the witness to it all.

My family pass out of existence. My dad and the mom i have known---who is my step mom since I was six years old broke up. Her name is Leah--- she was the mom I always wanted and dream of. She loved us and accepted us as her own, but their relationship with my dad did not come out strong, leaving us a baby brother named Mark Robert to take care of.

After a year, I've met Josephine, my dad's new girlfriend for one year and again, they broke up with a cute li'l boy who I named---Glenn Jobie..

Then again, my dad found  a new woman ---Celine. They have been together for 3 years and same thing happened, they separated now with a li'l baby girl whom I named Maria Charissa.

History repeats itself with same script but different cast.. this time , a woman named Rebecca  a son whom he called Roberto Jr.

I have seen these all, so by now, as years pass with all these experiences, my strong relationship with my dad is becoming more distant. I always remember him singing one of his favorite song---"Please release me let me go, for i don't love you anymore... her lips are warm while yours are cold, release me, my darling.. let me go."

I always consider these experiences to be something to be insecured of. Something that can keep me away from people--- a curse for our family. This becomes my greatest fear --- to be the one receiving the bad 'karma' for everything that my dad has done.

But all of these changes, when I met and came to know my heavenly Father--- I just know he wouldn't waste my pains. He is molding me into someone greater, someone stronger.Someone unique and different.Someone who is tough, the one who can run against horses.. A David to his Golaiath.

I love traveling. I am amazed by God's creation---most of all--- I want to travel my own country and be delighted of God's gift to the Filipinos.

So be with me in my journey, and together be revived with the history and the beautiful places our God has bestowed upon us!