Amazingly Natural!

Natural Creations are the most amazing things we can truly appreciate and ironically, the easiest things to be destroyed and abused. God made the sea to remind us how vast is His love for us. He made us see the sunrise to remind us that there is always a beginning to everything, to made us see the light and to make sure that we will always choose to be on the bright side of the world. The sunset, reminds us of  Ecclesiastes 3:4, A time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to grieve and a time to dance..

I had the time to witness my God's creation as I was given the chance to be in an island where all i can see was the breath-taking natural world and the awesomeness of His greatness and sovereignty.

It was February 26,nine in the morning when we decided to pack our things and go somewhere where we can be still, quite and enjoy the beauty of nature. A place where we can taste and appreciate the taste of paradise..then i searched for places and i spotted to this very simple island with no electricity, no houses, no residents.- just cottages, trees- a place that brings you back to the 80's.--- a certain place called KALANGGAMAN ISLAND.

We went to PIER 4 ( in cebu city) to take the 11 am trip to Ormoc City via Supercat for Php 750.00. 2 hours travel thru ferry and will bring you to the City of Ormoc, just across the port, is the terminal for a van to Palompon, Leyte. An hour and 30 mins roadtrip to palompon for Php 110.00. And in this place is where you can buy food and the things you need to take it to the island. When we arrived in Palompon at three in the afternoon, we went straight to the tourism building to book a boat to the island. Since there were just three of us.. we paid Php 1000.00 each ( the boat cost Php 3000.00 round trip from Palompon to the island and vice versa and it is good for 15 people).

After we reserved the boat for Kalanggaman, we filled our tummies first in a restaurant where we had sizzling beef, pork and chicken steaks for just a hundred pesos. then, we went buying fish, puso, lechon manok, pork, bread and a lot more to have us survive in the island for 24 hours. We brought a tent too.. comforter, flashlights, candles, matches, charcoals, and swiss knife for cutting purposes. the staff in the tourism house named christopher gave us two garbage bags so that we can separate our garbages from the biodegradable from non-biodegradable. It left me an impression that the island is really clean and well taken care.

The yellow building is tourism house in Palompon where in you can book your bangka to the island.
Excited to go to the island , we hopped in to the boat and took pictures of the stunning sunset as we headed to the island. The sea was calm, the sun was almost to set and the rain had stopped. It was really a perfect day for our escapade. Thank you God for paving us a safe trip and guiding us in our trip.

Excited while pointing to the Island, I can't wait
Sunset- while on our way to the Island
Our Bangka. The crew will also be sleeping in the island to wait for us until we decided to go home. They will be with us 24 hrs.
We were told to choose a cottage to stay and they will give us a torch for the evening. We only had less than 10 people in the island as our company for the overnight camp. one of them was a police to ensure our safety, others are the guides, the helpers and our boat crews.

We set up our tent and prepared our food for dinner. It was a clear full moon in a starry starry night. my ideal night for reading under a moonlight. a candlelight dinner, and  a quiet night to appreciate the sound of the waves of the sea. the chirping of the birds and the sound of the crickets. It feels like we are in the "survivor show" in the island.

We entertained ourselves by singing songs, sharing jokes and eating chips.then, we decided to call it a night. It was a very good night, comforted with the cool breeze... i will surely miss this quietness, stillness, and the feeling of going back to the basics.
Night passed and we were awaken by the sound of the sea waves. I went out of the tent and i was deeply amazed to see the sun rise... i ran towards the edge of the island and found myself staring to the beautiful creation.


After we toured aroun te iland, we had our breakfast bread with peanut butter and a cup of coffee... then we headed to swim and rented a beach bike .

Then, we cooked "singugbang isda and baboy" for our lunch. We changed and packed our things to get ready to go home to the mainland. But, before we step out from the island, a lot o foreigners came for day use in the island. Some of them are Americans, Koreans and British. It gives me a BIG TIME pride for our country. I am so thankful that we were given this   paradise island to take care of and be enjoyed by our countrymen. Let us keep discovering beautiful places in the Philippines. 

To God be the Glory!