Exploring Banaue Rice Terraces!

Standing in the middle of the terminal in Sagada, we were in dilemma on what ride to take and where to go to... questions popping up into our minds were...
 1. Are we going to banaue at 1:30 in the afternoon or are we going back to baguio and spend two days there watching the flower festival parade? 
 2. If we will pursue our plan of going to Banaue, will we survive the 4 hour travel to Banaue and the 8 hour travel in going back?
 3. Are we willing to risk it just to see the Rice Terraces? what if it's gonna rain and the fog will just nail it and we will not be able to see the terraces? But if we will not pursue, will we have the time to come back and get in to a trip again?
Several questions made us to stand still until finally the jeep to Bontoc started its engine. We can't help but run toward the jeep and there, we just decided to go to Bontoc for us to ride a bus to Banaue.

After a 45 minute trip to Bontoc, we reserved three tickets for a bus to Banaue, then while waiting for the next bus to stop at the station, we found ourselves ordering food for lunch and when the bus came, we hurriedly get in and look for our seats. It was so foggy that when we looked outside, we can see nothing with our naked eyes, it's all fog. no roads and no mountains, just fog and moist and we can feel the cool breeze running through our faces. I recommend backpackers and travelers to take the bus because you can at least be assured that the drivers are well trained and more knowledgeable with the roads. The road to Banaue is so steep and dangerous. 

After 2 hours of a roller coaster ride, we stopped at the top of Mount Polis, it is their market in the sides of the road where people buy their fresh vegetables at a very low price.



Our Bus to Banaue 

I am feeling so cold.

We arrived at 5:45 pm in Banaue's central, though we were quite tired we were so excited to go to the view deck and take pictures of Banaue's pride. We were quite disappointed with what we have seen, houses are built in the sides of the terraces and we can not see beauty in these pictures, we searched and hurriedly rush for other view decks in the place and we are happy see good views left with the terraces.

Banaue's Central
The Terraces

After a few minutes of strolling around and taking good pictures, we agreed to take the last trip back to Baguio. Staring at these pictures, I am so overwhelmed with the wonders of our country, I really can say with chin up high that I am proud to be a Filipino. We are so rich with natural resources,so blessed of God's creation. I just hope we would take care of these resources entrusted to us by the Almighty.

To God be the Glory!