The Life Odyssey!

They say "Age" is but a number but according to Merriam Webster it means the length of an existence extending from the beginning to any given time. Our life cycle is so fast that you can barely recognize that from a newly born baby, you now become a teenager then to a young Adult to becoming an Adult - the final stage of your life wherein the body starts to deteriorate and eventually ends in death.

March 2, 2013 is my lola Esing's 80th birthday. We call her lola Esing but her complete name is Simplicia which means "simple." Lola indeed is a very simple woman. She is a very faithful wife to her husband Ramon Lamprea Sr. ( who died at the age of 75 , year 2008). A mother of seven children and a grandmother of 24 grandchildren. She is a survivor of the second world war and still a survivor of life.

She raised us and we considered her as a very essential part of my life. She was my foundation, my influencer, my idol, i looked up to her. She loves her family so much that she is willing to give up everything for the sake of her family. I want to be like her when i grow old. I want to be strong, independent and a God-fearing woman as I have known her to be.

We can't let her big day passed without giving her a big bash! so we have agreed to surprised her with a birthday song, a prayer, a cake, balloons and a lot more to let her feel that she is very well loved and appreciated.

My proud and happy grandma
My Grandma's Tarpaulin at 65

Me and my Dad

My cousins, Bea and Car
Me kissing my Lola
My Lola together with her two grandchildren- RD and Sean

I am very proud to have her as my grand mom. I am wishing her more happy years and I am praying for God to give her good health. To my Lola Esing, I want to tell you, I love you!

Panoramic view of the room filled with people praying and celebrating with her on her birthday