Caramoan Island...Part 1 - My Journey from Legazpi City to Caramoan Island

Greener view of the interiors of Caramoan Island.
The highlight of this trip is our Caramoan Island tour where we planned to spend 3 days and two nights in the island. I have never came to know about the beauty of this island if not for the survivor episodes taken in this hidden island of Camarines Sur. When we planned this trip, we were supposed to just get a tour package to avoid hassles, but due to much excitement, I came to read facts and blogs about Caramoan Island. That is when I came to know Kuya Ramil- our boatman and tour guide, who owns the Homestay. He is a no ordinary boatman, resident of barangay Paniman. He is famous on Caramoan blogs because of his hospitality and kindness.

We woke up at 5:00a.m and hurriedly prepared ourselves and left DENR dormitory at 5:45 a.m. We took a 5 minute tricycle ride to the bus terminal for Php 15.00/person. At the bus terminal, we were able to see the perfect cone of Mayon Volcano which is very visible during early hours of the day. We didn't spend  much time in thinking to take out our camera and excitedly took pictures of the beautiful scene.

The perfect cone of Mayon Volcano visible during early hours of the day.

The air conditioned bus that cost Php 120.00/person bound for Naga City left Legazpi City bus terminal at exactly 6:00 a.m.Three hours after we were dropped off at Anayan intersection to get another bus ride to San Jose. We were able to take a non air conditioned bus for Php 53.00/person. After an hour ride, we got off from the bus across St. Joseph Parish in San Jose, where we see a lot of tricycles and motorcycles leading to Sabang port. Luckily, a jeepney stopped in front of us, so we opted to take that ride that just cost Php 15.00/person. Fifteen minutes after,we arrived in Sabang port. We rushed towards the boat that will take us to Caramoan island since we are taking the last trip of the day at 11:00 a.m. The boat fare is Php 120.00/ person.

This is the Sabang Port

The boat ride from Sabang port to Caramoan island usually takes 2 to 2 hours and 30 minutes to Guijalo port. When we arrived at the port, we were welcomed by a Kuya Ramil's friend who he asked to meet us at the port. We paid Php 30.00 each for our terminal pass in Guijalo Port. Since it is already passed our lunch time, we asked our driver to stop at a restaurant so we can have our lunch. The driver suggested this food house in the centro of the island.

The most suggested eatery in the centro of the island.
Kuya Ramil's place is 45 minutes away from Guijalo Port and as we passed through places in Caramoan island, I  have discovered that the hotels and inns that include tour packages is 30 minutes away from Paniman beach where the all island hopping will start. We paid Php 300.00 to the driver for taking us to barangay Paniman.

This is our sundo from Guijalo port to barangay Paniman.

Finally, we were able to meet the famous, Kuya Ramil who welcomed us with a smile and he carried our bags and showed us our room in his Homestay. We went out after putting our bags inside the room and we observed the place in Paniman and these were all the pictures we took in barangay Paniman.

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