Legazpi City: where the exciting adventure begins!

This picturesque Mayon Volcano is situated in the center of the province of Albay

After 12 hours of a speedy bus ride from Pasay Manila to Legazpi City, we at last arrived in our destination, safe and sound via DLTB  Bus. The fare for the air conditioned bus is Php 750.00 and the schedule we took was from 10:00pm to 10:00am.

We went straight to DENR dormitory  which we were able to reserved beds for us to stay the night for Php150.00 per pax. We rode a tricycle from the bus terminal to DENR dormitory for Php 20.00 each and  we took a bath and left our things in the dormitory to start our day discovering Legazpi City.

It's an air conditioned room with restroom inside
The tricycle driver who drove us to the dormitory waited for us to take us to our first destination which is LIGNON HILL (derived from the tagalog word "lingon".)

LIGNON HILL which means "LINGON"since this hill
 was used as the headquarters of the japanese during the world war 2.

We took pictures of  the hill and we met Kuya Monching, one of the licensed Department of Tourism guide for Bicol Region who also introduced us to "Your brother" ATV. We were convinced of the rates and the atv tour "your brother" gave us so we agreed to take their service. Instead of us paying an entrance fee of Php 50.00, it was already covered by the "your brother" travel & tours for the rate of Php1,500.00, for a black lava atv adventure. They also offer pick up and drop off service inclusive of the said rate.

This is Kuya Monching - giving me an overview of Legazpi City
The Amazing view of Legazpi City from Lignon Hill.
The view deck of Lignon Hill which was made into a park where you can buy refreshments
 while taking a perfect view of the city.
Overlooking the perfect-coned Mayon Volcano.
The Legend of the Lignon hill attractions map.

Me, wanting to have a good background of the magnificent Mayon Volcano.
"Your brother" ATV service fetching us for the start of our ATV tour.
Cyril - one of the owner of "your brother" ATV tour.
Me, enjoying the free service of "your brother."
When we arrived in the ATV station, we were greeted by Jun-Jun, the younger brother of Cyril, who facilitated the orientation on how to use the ATV and the rules of the tour.

Jun-Jun, reading to us the do's and don'ts of driving the ATV.
   Few minutes after the orientation, we were given our gears and we are ready for the ATV   adventure.

The Start of the Adventure is here!
Following our guide. Heading to the black lava
I was nervous of this long steep slope.
Passing through the trail and river.
Changing ATV with my guide.
A good pose after passing the slope.
It was such a real ATV adventure unlike what I've experienced in Boracay, Philippines.This was a total of 3.5 hours experience passing through trails, rough rocky roads, rivers and slopes. But we were not done yet with our expected adventure, the highlight of it all was when we climbed to the black lava, the remains of the 2006 eruption of Mayon Volcano. I would say it's an estimate of 20 feet high from the ground. We parked our ATV from the Base Camp, paid a maintenance fee of Php 50.00 and started walking to the foot of the black lava and climbing up to the top of the helipad.

Me, climbing to the top of the black lava to reach the helipad.
Resting while taking a chill pose with Mayon Volcano as my background.
Our guide, Kuya Roger, telling us about the legend of Mayon Volcano and Lignon Hill.
The most challenging part is going down from the black lava.
Johnson, our atv tour guide waited for us at the base camp. After our trek from the black lava, we headed back to the main camp of "your brother." It was a great experience going through all the thrills in driving the ATV and trekking to the black lava.
Next stop was Cagsawa Ruins, We were dropped off by the driver of "your brother" to our next destination, the Cagsawa Ruins. Not until, I saw the ruins with both my naked eyes, I was thinking that Mayon Volcano and ruins were just near to each other. And i was surprised when I was not able to see the volcano due to a very cloudy day in Cagsawa. Entrance fee to the ruins is Php10.00 per pax
The Cagsawa Ruins without Mayon Volcano at the background.
The Story behind the Ruins.
And this is all I got since it was a rainy afternoon.
Embarcadero is Legazpi's version of Mall of Asia and a version of Dumaguete City's Boulevard. It is situated near their port where they also offer whale shark watching and zip line. Fast Foods, boutiques, department stores, grocery stores and entertainments are found in this mall. This is the center of their economic zone.

The Legazpi City's boulevard.
A view of the Embarcadero.
After dinner and a little grocery, we went home to our dormitory since we need to wake up early for our Caramoan Island trip.

Expenses for the day: (good for 2 pax)

Bus Fare: Php1,500.00 (Php750.00/pax)
Tricycle fare to DENR: Php 40.00
Tricycle fare to Lignon Hill: Php100.00
DENR dormitory: Php 300.00
ATV: Php 3,000.00 (Php1,500.00/pax)
Snacks: Php 50.00
Tip (kuya Roger): Php50.00
Entrance to Cagsawa Ruins: Php20.00
Entrance to Black Lava: Php100.00
Lunch: Php214.00
Pili Nuts: Php50.00
Tarts: Php20.00
Fare from Cagsawa to Embarcadero: Php25.00
Dinner: Php95.00
Mangga: Php10.00
Grocery: Php665.00
Fare to DENR: Php50.00

TOTAL: Php 6,329.00