Part III - Long Trip (Caramoan Island Series)

 The second day at Caramoan Island is to achieve the long trip island goal with kuya Ramil.  I was so excited to explore more of the other islets in this blessed archipelago. Kuya Ramil prepared for our breakfast as well as he had her wife cooked butter garlic crabs for our lunch which we intend to eat in one of the islands that we would be visiting.

For the long trip travel , we started to left off the shore from Paniman to our first destination: The Cotivas Island. It is a small island but known for its long stretch of sand bar. It is situated in the middle of a two larger island in the northern part of Caramoan peninsula.

Cotivas island at its finest
the largest sand bar in the whole island

We enjoyed our lunch in one of the cottages in the Cotivas. The rental of the hut cost Php100.00.

After a few hours of bumming to the calm beach of Cotivas, we moved on to the next stop, The Malawi Sandbar. it's known to to be the hide outs of the fishermen during siesta time due to its vast sandbar especially when it is low tide. I was overwhelmed when I saw a bangkero with coconut fruit on his bangka and selling it for Php 25.00 each. I took the pleasure of feeling and resting in one of the floating cottage and indulging myself in the water. This is my second favorite island.

Kuya Ramil hailed his hand to give us a signal to get ready for the third destination, the mangroves.

From the scenic view of the different sizes of the mangroves, we routed to my most favourite island, It is for me the Coron like of Caramoan, the Sabitang Laya Island. The grandeur of the rock formations is excellently superb and majestic. Because it is indeed my ideal island. I spent beach bumming and indulge myself longer in the water.

Finally, we are headed to our last destination, The Mount Carmel Grotto in Tagbo, Caramoan. A 524 steps to climb up to the yellow chapel donated by a filipino chinese who once visited the island.

the internal of the chapel
At almost five in the afternoon, we were on our way home back to Paniman. It was such an exciting day for me and the Php 2000.00 trip was all worth it. New adventure, new discovery and new pride that our country has all these natural resources that we are blessed from above.