A climb to Osmeña Peak

Two hours away from the heart of  the city going south of Cebu is the province of Dalaguete. Dalaguete is also known as the "vegetable basket" of Cebu. It is the vegetable source of the city. Mantalungon is one of the known barangays in this town since it is the place where the prominent Osmeña Peak is located.

the view of Osmeña Peak
An air conditioned Ceres bus for Php 150/head fare from the south terminal would take you to barangay Mantalungon , Dalaguete and from there you will have to ride  a "habal-habal" for 45 minutes that would cost Php300/motorcycle, maximum of 3 persons can ride the motorcycle. From the foot of the  mountain, you will see a "bahay kubo" where the drivers are gathered waiting for their passengers to come back from their climb to the peak. After the long ride from the town, while you are preparing for your climb at the foot of the mountain, there are children who offer themselves to guide you to the peak. You can definitely pay them at any amount at your own discretion. You could give a Php100 for the roundtrip guide.

Fifteen to twenty minutes would be the duration of your walk to the Peak. The climb is breathtaking but once you are on the top, you can always say, it's all worth it. The view is irresistibly beautiful, overwhelming and astounding. It is  prominently very foggy but there are times that clouds would slowly move giving you an  incredible sight of the island across Cebu. And once you reach the Peak during the sun rises, you cannot stop yourself but sing praises to the Creator as you can witness the most amazing scene of how the clouds would pave its way giving you a view of the sun.

the sunrise at the peak
The feeling at the top is indescribable. It feels like you are in the "Lord of the Rings" setting. It is an extraordinary distressing to know you are very near to the clouds and the heavens. It gives you a comforting and refreshing kind of sense as you will breathe fresh cold air. You can smell the raindrops and the wet grass and see the swaying of the tall pine trees and the healthy and fresh green leafy vegetables in the surroundings.