Bacolod City: The Heritage Walkabout : Peñalosa Farm:Part 1

"Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan."

The quote that strucked me and urged me to go out of my comfort zone and explore my own country, my own history and my own heritage.

I was given a chance to join a heritage tour in Bacolod for a day last June 12, 2015. Consists of twenty people from Dumaguete and Cebu. The objective of the tour is to know as an individual and as young adults on how we can contribute to our society and most specially to our country- The Philippines.

We woke up five in the morning and prepared ourselves for the coaster to arrive. The first stop of our trip is the Peñalosa Farm. We were welcomed with their own version of a cup of tea as our tour guide, Mr. Artie gave us an introduction about what to expect to see and learn from the farm. After a few minutes, Mr. Ramon Peñalosa greeted us with a seize the day challenge as he ushered as to the gazebo. He gave us a brief story on how his farm started.

The Peñalosa Farm 
Their own version of an organic tea
It started as the garage of their bus called "rainbow" it is somewhat a counterpart of the ceres bus we have today. But an idea came to him as he found out that his drivers are having a hard time looking for a "carenderia" after they parked the buses in the garage. He then planted "kangkong" to serve for meals to the drivers. Days had passed, they have more harvest than they can consumed so Mr. Peñalosa thought of buying a swine to help eat the "kangkong" and that's how the farm began.

The interior view of the Peñalosa Farm

With Mr. Ramon Peñalosa

Driven by his life verses, he believes that no filipino should go hungry in his native land which is vividly displayed in their mission: To promote and provide integrated  farming systems that are market driven. Natural farming systems that are environmentally friendly, zero waste and organic. Technology packages on production management, consultancy and marketing. Diversified  farming systems that are all terrain. All seasons and all soil types.

The sumptuous snacks at the farm
As Matthew says in verse 9:29 " It shall be done to you according to your faith." This farm is functioning independently. As what their battle cry is,"there is no unproductive soil, only an unproductive farmer." They cater seminars and trainings about organic farming.For contact details: or telephone number: (034) 3992847.