Bacolod City: The Heritage Walkabout: Hofileña's Museum: Part IV

the facade of the ancestral house of Mr. Ramon Hofileña
Mr. Ramon Hofileña
Not on a usual day you will get a chance to meet a very sensational and an incredible man. And I am very lucky to be able to meet him in person. He is the modern Jose Rizal- like in this 20th century. Amazed by his intelligence and his love for arts and literature, this 81 year old gentleman, Mr. Ramon Hofileña is such a remarkable filipino who loves art collections including Manansala, Hidalgo, Luna and Rizal. With his wit, I find it very interesting to listen to his stories on how he was able to gather every collectors' items , and his struggles and challenges for him to get to own those pieces of art which he calls- his treasures.

From the moment I stepped my feet unto his patio, I got to experience of living in a house of a prominent family from the early 19th century. From the front door I can see the grand staircase which is made of "Balayong" which is not susceptible to termites and and not vulnerable to be penetrated by nails. And what's making it more magnificent is the carvings manually made and done by the carvers.

He personally gave us a quick tour around the first floor of his house:
The living room of the Hofileña's. 
The 200 year old German Steinweig piano in their living room emblazoned with the photos of the siblings of Mr. Hofileña
Mr. Hofileña demonstrating how courtship was done at their time
In this narra couch, courtship was done with the man visiting his older sister and them as the younger siblings will play around their sala to guard their sister.
Chinese porcelains and jars
With the above picture shows small jars used for crying ladies to put their tears to during a chinese funeral.

book collections and sculpture images 
The extravagant dining table 
the wine bar beside the dining table
These pictures are all found on the first floor of the house. No pictures are allowed to be taken to preserve the paintings and art collections of Mr. Hofileña. But just to give you a glimpse of what you will see on the second floor. Let me include the postcard I bought for him to sign the back of it.
the second floor is like an art gallery where he displays the works of Rizal, Manansala, Hidalgo, Luna and etc. 
proud to show his signature at the back of the postcard
As what they say, Seize the day!It was a great experience being able to meet this person and knowing how he values the known and unknown artists in our country. What an asset in the Philippines we have!