Bacolod City: The Heritage Walkabout: The Ruins:Part VI

The Ruins 

The ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental is the Taj Mahal like of India. It is built for the love of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a wealthy sugar baron to his portuguese wife named Maria Braga. It was hidden in the middle of the sugar cane plantations but was found out because they hired a japanese gardener who turned out to be a spy for the japanese military.

The structure was meticulously made. It was a 24 hour construction made up of Grade A to make sure that it would be continuously done to add to the strength of the framework.It was indeed a symbol of the unconditional and never ending love of Don Lacson to Doña Braga. As a matter of fact, it was tested through burning this down for three consecutive days by the guerrillas; thus, the  splendor and the grandeur of the mansion still stands firm until today. Withstanding the typhoons and earthquakes through the years.

The Ruins at night:

Sunset at the Ruins:

A Romanesque, Italian design made in the 1900s. With roof details obliviously depicting a captain of the ship who was known to be the father of Maria Braga. With all the glorious attributes of the house, came a sad and unfortunate story. Maria Braga, to whom this mansion was dedicated to was not able to see a glimpse of this gift as she died before this eminent structure was materialized.