Baguio City- My second home

Camp John Hay
The Manor Hotel- Camp John Hay

The Summer Capital of the Philippines as what the place is known for is my my second abode. I always look forward of my every year visit to this cold and resting place. It would be my time to look back with the place i grew up on, the school I went to during my college years, memories of my childhood playing around the park, helping my dad on his business and delivering products to his buyers.— a very nostalgic experience indeed.

the christmas village in Camp John Hay
the christmas village at night
black christmas in Baguio City
 Christmas village at Burnham Park
the dancing fountain at Burnham Park

My favourite time of the year to visit Baguio is and will always be the christmas season or anytime between October to February as these months are the coldest. Average temperature could go from 18 degrees celsius down to 8 degrees celsius. You could feel the cold christmas season especially with the  christmas lights within the city, the christmas villages at Camp John Hay and Burnham Park, The dancing fountain at Burnham Park and the "wagwagan stores" along session road. Not to mention as thus season is the strawberry picking season, where we can choose to pick strawberries at the farm in Trinidad.

There is always a good memory to ponder upon on every year on this place.  No other place has replaced Baguio City in my heart. Let me start with touring you around to the beautiful sceneries and places you can go to when you are here:

 the Tsokolate de Batirol at Camp John Hay

the different flavors of tsokolate de batirol
 The Mansion
 The longest pond across The Mansion
 SM City Baguio at the top of Session Road
 Starbucks Camp John Hay
 Wright Park
 Tam-awan Village Baguio where you can have the local artist of Baguio to make a sketch of you

 Tam-Awan garden
 The old Diplomat hotel
Botanical Garden
The Manor Hotel

Baguio City is giving you what is on the top of the archipelago. It is showing you more of the mountain side, of what is on the northern part of the country. It is more of the beaches, island hoping and of the humid and tropical weather -It absolutely gives you the opposite of it.

As for me, It's more than the place but it's the friends I left behind that I always go back to.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels