The perfect place in upland Cebu- West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

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West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

It was my restday and was on a search of a peaceful place and on the mood of exploring a new endeavor. My love for upland brought me to this  wonderful place - West 35 Eco Mountain Resort.

The road going up to the place is not easy as the name speaks for itself,  35 kms. from the city. Nevertheless, you will not regret  the route up as it gives you a beautiful scenery of what's below- in the city. It gives you an overlooking view of the city lights and gives you a glimpse of the sea side. Amongst all, I am greatly enticed with the winding road  alongside the mountains. As it made me stop and capture a picture of this.
The  amazing mountainside road on the way to Balamban, Cebu

The  foggy  path to West 35

It is located in  Gaas, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines. A very relaxing site for chill outs and team buildings.

The area itself gives you a distressing  sense of being on top and feeling the cold temperature that eases your worries. If you're hungry and you want to eat good food, The Haven place is the place to be. It is the place's cafe. It offers you great menu and satisfies your hunger and quenches your thirst for  reasonable prices.

The Haven Cafe menu

the interiors of the cafe

 enjoying the weather on top
 The view up on the patio of West 35

Not only for bloggers and travelers, but this place is also conducive for family outings as it has its own playground for children It also has its Villas or rooms for rent for team outings and family vacations.

I did not let the time pass without going down to the villas to check on the rooms for possible team outing venue. And here are the things I've got:

going to the villas

the villas

 good for outdoor bonfire

 the deluxe room

the suite room

For Rates Information : 

Suite Room - Php 6,000.00 nett/ nite/ 2 pax w/ breakfast 
Deluxe Room Ordinary- Php 4,500.00 nett/nite/2 pax w/ breakfast. 
Deluxe Room w/ Jacuzi - Php 5,000.00 nett/nite/2 pax w/ breakfast. 
Group Accommodation Deluxe Room - Php 6,000.00 nett/ nite/ 4 pax w/ breakfast. Group Accommodation Ordinary - Php 4,500.00 nett/nite/6 pax w/ breakfast. 
Group Accommodation w/ Outdoor Area - Php 5,000.00 nett/nite/6 pax w/ breakfast. Excess Pax - Php 500.00 / pax with breakfast Function Room - Php 3,000.00 w/ aircon; Php 1,500.00 w/o Aircon.

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