The Road to Adventure: Biliran Island part I

The thrill of traveling and discovering new place is on. As me and my travel buds are on search for a new island to step our foot on.
We have searched on the map, typed into the keyboards to do our research on what island to go to.. suddenly our eyes were focused on this place—- HIGATANGAN ISLAND.

The Island of Higatangan 

What made us decide to go to this beautiful island is the eagerness to experience the east side of Cebu. Higatangan Island is situated in the province of Biliran. Biliran is an island province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas Region (Region VIII). The latter is one of the country's smaller and newest provinces. Formerly a sub-province of Leyte, it became an independent province in 1992. Billiard lies less than a kilometer north of the island of Leyte. A bridge-causeway fixed linked over Poro Island connects the province to Leyte. Its capital is the Municipality of Naval on the western coast of the island.(from wikipedia)

The journey started with us going to the port to ride an weasam jet bound to Ormoc early in the morning.  two hours after, we arrived in Ormoc and we where welcomed by my little brother, yancy together with his friend, harvey. They treated us with a  sumptuous breakfast in one of my brother's favorite breakfast venue with a delicious and crispy lechon kawali which for me is one of the most delicious lechon kawali's in the world.

Then, the trip started at ten in the morning, we can't help it but feel the adventure mood of the trip. The feeling of seeing another undiscoverable, not quiet known place and meeting locals from the place are all but one of the reasons why I continually love doing what I do. I love to travel to discover, to gain more knowledge and to be in awe of the grand creation of our great Creator. It is like forming the pieces of the puzzles of God's masterpieces. Each creation is perfect and I believe in order for our eyes to be open, it takes us time to admire all these things… of how the greatness of these beauty abounds.

The cause-way

jumping our hearts out

Poro island
Our first stop was the cause way that connects Poro Island to Leyte. It is such a relief to breathe fresh air as we stopped and went outside the car to check the view overlooking the  bridge. The wind breeze gives us more relax and calm feeling in being few minutes away from our main destination.

Please see Part 2 for my next escapade..