The Road to Adventure: Biliran Island part II

Then we decided to do our side trip to the enchanting Tinago Falls in Caibiran, Naval,Southern Leyte. A 50 foot high waterfalls which can make your jaw dropped in amazement. As the word itself literally means "tinago" a very hidden exquisite waterfalls in the middle of the forest and rock formations.

Tinago Falls
The cold water eases your mind as you play around your buddies while in a 3-5 feet water. The happiness of being in a place where you can have a peace of mind going back to the basic of only having your friends with you and solely being with nature.
The satisfaction it brings is beyond words. We spent almost two hours swimming and soaking ourselves.

 walking on water
the jaw dropping waterfalls in Biliran 
the magnificent waterfalls

This Biliran escapade was one of those escapades that was not itinerary oriented before we went on the trip. It was one of those spontaneous trip I risked on. But got no regrets of being unstructured at that moment as it gives me more of what I had expect. This hidden waterfalls should be discovered and be advertised. It's one of the blessings that our country has which deserves our pride.