The Road to Adventure: Higatangan Island : Part III

Higatangan Island is one of the island amongst three islands from Naval, Biliran of Southern Leyte. It is a 45 minute boat ride from the port of Naval, Biliran to this Island. Fare rates is Php 50.00 per person.

To quote the description of of the island:

Moving sand bar extending about 200 meters to the sea; one huge coral rock-a reef that was thrust up from the ocean's floor centuries ago. The fields are studded with gigantic clam shells measuring up to a meter wide. The island has several black sand beaches sprinkled with exotic shells newly washed up from the seabed. Facing an open sea, the black sand beach, cool pristine waters and exotic rock formations of Higatanangan Island is itself nature at its best.

the long streched sand bar of the island
the pride of Higatangan Island
a picture of the boat that will bring you to the island
the subtle grain of sand

Indeed this island embodies the beauty of a long stretched sand bar which emphasizes the splendor of the blue crystal beaches. 

the beach and the small rocks
 loving the view

 a glimpse of Higatangan Island

When we were at Higatangan Island, we reserved for an overnight room at Higatangan Island Beach Resort. For more inquiries: you may visit and check this link:

The room where we spent the night was great. It is a modern comfortable room that has a veranda on it and it's own restroom. It is just few minutes away from the shore and just walking distance from the rest of the other beaches and the sandbar.


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