The Unwinding Moments… in Pangangan Island, Calape Bohol

A friend of mine uttered this quote to me saying… "Cherish the moments with your friends as this will be a good memory to keep during your old age." I pondered on this words and I immediately came to agree that the time spent with your friends and love ones were never a waste of time, it is an investment for both parties to remember and to let them know that they are loved.

And I was indeed given a chance to spend my time with two of my good friends.. Chode and Chiara. We agreed to go to Chiara's place in Bohol to spend our restdays with her and her family.

A fast craft would bring us to southern part of Bohol, Tubigon port. Fare is Php250.00 per person. From Tubigon, A 20-30 minute bus ride would bring us to the town of Calape, Bohol. From the poblacion of Calape, is a 15 minute tricycle ride to Pangangan Island.
The trip might be long but once you reach the place, peace and solitude are things you can attained.

one of the beaches in Pangangan Island
 wandering around the place
swimming at the beach

Pangangan Island is connected to Calape with the longest cause-way in the Philippines. Measuring 3.5 km from the mainland of Bohol to the island.

 the cause way connecting the mainland to Pangangan island
 the longest cause way
 kids playing while swimming at the cause way

Wandering around the island brings me back to the old life, where all you need to survive the day is to talk to your friends, neighbors, and's bringing back the table just like the old days… sharing a meal with your family in one table, telling stories and playing patentero at night especially when it is full moon. The feeling of being satisfied without checking your phone and posting status on your FB. This is a break from work and from the whole world.Not only that, I got the chance to experience staying in a bamboo house again. Eating fresh clams and sea shells and swimming at the beach. A worthwhile homestay indeed.
A place like this island deserves to be preserve so our young people can still experience what its like to be in the old times. The next generation needs to know how important it is to eat meals with their family together, play with their cousins and siblings under the moon, experience being dirty, jump and swim around the beach. It teaches them the lesson of valuing relationship with the people around them especially their loved ones.


Unknown said…
Peaceful place!
thanks a lot! check more on my other travels showcasing our country...:)