When In Dumaguete…

My friends decided to explore dumaguete with a colleague who is from the latter. We went to South bus terminal for a Ceres bus that will take us to Liloan- Santander. A three to four trip from the centre of Cebu with a fare ranging to Php 180.00-Php 200.00 for an aircon bus. 

From Liloan-Santander, we have to ride a ferry that will take us to the port of Sibulan for 15- 20 minutes travel for Php 60.00 to Php 70.00. When in Sibulan you will have to ride a tricycle for Php 100.00 until the downtown of Dumaguete City or you can also choose to ride a multi cab or what they call as an easy ride for Php 12.00 to Php 15.00

We just want to spend our two day rest from work in Dumaguete City. With the first day to experience "Apo Island" where you can swim with the sea turtles and go through the big waves in an open sea by just riding a small bangka. A bangka would cost between Php 2,000.00-Php 3,500.00. We had the whole afternoon swimming and taking pictures at the island.

On our way home from the island to Zamboanguita, we saw dolphins playing around near a ship sailing in the middle of the sea. That was one of the unexpected things that we were lucky to see but unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures of.

We went back to our hotel and we prepared ourselves for dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. I am referring to Gabby's Bistro where we enjoyed the sumptuous and delicious food.

Gabby's Bistro
The Second day, we woke early at seven in the morning  to enjoy the best filipino breakfast "puto and sikwate" with ripe mangoes. We went to the downtown market which is known for their yummy put and we were right. It was the perfect break, I could ever wish for.

peanuts for Php10.00/each
We then walked around Rizal Boulevard and the rest of the downtown area:

Moving on to the Falls and cold springs:

Then to the hot springs:

 It was indeed such an unforgettable experience with great friends and great place. It is definitely a rest day for me and my pals.