Baler Trip: Surfing

I've learned life is a lot like surfing. When you get caught in the impact zone, you need to get right back up, because you never know what's over the next wave... and if you have faith, anything is possible, anything at all.
-the soul surfer -

Surfing is standing or lying on a surfboard and ride on the waves towards the shore. It' s easy to understand but quite difficult once you try to keep your pose and stand on the board and flow with the waves until you reach to the end of the line. I have tried this water sport to see how flexible I am to go along with the waves and standstill. An interesting sport indeed, a metaphor of how we need to go along and flow with the waves of life. 

Kuya Albert, my tour guide, referred me to Michael Surf Shop, It is just along the seaside of Sabang beach. You may also check them through their Facebook account: Michael Surf Shop and Surf Lesson. Contact number is +63939-939-0786.
They offer a Php 350 package which already offers the rent of the surfing board and a trainer for an hour.

For five minutes they would orient you of the parts of the board and the position that you should be once a wave would hit your board. You have to have a preparatory pose to stand, for you to get right up and flow. The most challenging part is when you are hit by a big wave and you are wash away from the board and you try to get up and hold your board but another wave will hit you again and pull you away from the board which has a string that connects it to your ankle.

The first 30 minutes of trying and failing were the make or break apart.  I almost gave up as I can no longer withstand the pain of falling and being pulled away and being rolled over by the waves. But an impression of how this is so connected with our life made me finished the training. We may have big waves coming around again and again in our lives but we have to keep fighting to stand and be victorious. You just have to learn how to keep flowing with the waves and keep still as these waves will bring you towards the finish line if you don't give up.

I was simply enjoying the water but I did not forget that with the experience, comes a great lesson in life.