My first international travel, Hongkong: Part III: The Macau Trip

The third day was super special as it gives me the opportunity to see the beauty of Macau. Macau is an island which is an hour, ferry ride away from Hongkong.

What made me excited is the fact that I can visit the prominently known Venetian Hotel. I was once a hotelier and always look back on those experiences of mine working in one of the five  star  business hotels in Cebu. Upon arrival on the port of Macau, you will be entering into the terminal of the buses from the different hotels offering free rides to their premises. And of course, We made our choice. We chose- the Venetian Hotel.

Seeing and  strolling around the pavements of the hotel gave me a delight in being able to feel what it's like to be in Venice.

Making memories through capturing the pleasure of the people smiling and faces full of surprises with the amazing things they are able to see.
I fell in love with the opera singer while giving the best boat ride to the tourists. I can't stop from going inside the different extravagant stores to buy souvenirs.

A diorama of the louvre makes me think of falling in love and the feeling of being in Paris.