The Baler Trip

Mesmerized by the movie I've watched through the cable entitled "Baler." I was left with a wandering mind and a curious  search of the place. And so that was how the planning began. After reading all the blogs about this mysterious place, I decided I will course my escapade to the southern luzon.
Joy bus through Genesis bus roundtrip was booked through  for Php 700/ head per way. From Cubao to Baler. The travel would take 5-6 hours. Since I took the 12:30 am trip, I arrived Baler at 5 :00 am just in time for the sunrise at Amper Beach. I was just asleep the entire trip as Joy Bus gives you comfort with reclined seat and a comforter that gives you a good night sleep.
At the Baler terminal, I hailed a tricycle and there I met kuya Alberto Digno, He was the best tour guide ever. He loves his job so much that he enjoys touring you around, giving the best of Baler to his guests and most of all, he has the heart for his home and his country. He would take extra step to really let you see the beauty of Baler, down to the places not part of my research, to the delicacies and even to guarding and carrying my bags when I was busy taking pictures and surfing.
I am definitely proud to recommend kuya Albert . You may contact him at 0910-926-6419. His day tour package is Php1000 good for two. But you may choose to give him a token after the trip as he really gives you the best he has to offer.
Kuya Alberto will be the one to drive you all over the place. Please refer to my previous blogs - To the surfing capital- Baler, Aurora: Part I to IV..for detailed information of the places and fees.
I stayed at Casitas bed and breakfast for Php 1400/ night. It is just a 5 minute walk to Sabang beach where the surfing spot is. You can just walk around the boulevard and you will have your options where to eat. I tried the Baler Surfer Grill for lunch. Prices ranging from 150-250 but they served big portions of fish, chicken and pork.
For Dinner, I tried the Yellow Fin where the best pork sisig is for Php 165.00. Sumptuous dinner awaits in this beautiful place.
The Surfing at Sabang beach cost a total of Php350.00 with the fee of an instructor for an hour and a rent of the board. I did pretty well with the surfing lesson (Please see  my next blog for the surfing experience).
Had a goodnight sleep in my cabin and at 4:00 am, Kuya Albert was still the one who fetched me and drop me off to the terminal for the bus to Manila. It was a well deserved restdays for me.
with kuya Alberto


Thank you for bringing Baler to us Glyth! :-) It so amazing to see these wonderful pics and your infos are very helpful. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
i'm happy to impart my experiences... enjoy Baler!
i'm happy to impart my experiences... enjoy Baler!