To the surfing capital- Baler, Aurora: Part I: Ampere Beach

Ampere Beach [pronounced as "Ampeer"]

If it weren't for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.

-Carl Perkins

About 45 minute ride from the center of Baler,  situated in the town of Dipaculao. As what it's known for,  Ampere Beach has one of the best sunrise in the Philippines. Sadly, It was raining when I got there. But still, the place did not disappoint me.

I hurriedly ran to the seashore as I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures of this nice scenery. Forgetting that I am still wearing my jacket and pants, I did not mind to get wet as long as I can just go near to the rocks and seizing each moment as much as I can.
I was amazed of the unusual rock formations as it adds more beauty to this beach.The sound of the waves gives a calm and relaxing sound to the ears and the black bubbles caused by the big waves makes this place more appealing.