To the surfing capital- Baler, Aurora: Part II: Balete Eco Park and Caunayan Falls

From Ampere beach, we went straight to Balete Eco Park.A 30 minute travel from Dipaculao. You would be surprised seeing people going inside the giant balete tree. It is indeed an old enormous 600 year old balete tree only in the island of Aurora.
Entrance fee to have your pictures taken is Php 10.00 and don't miss to have one of the tour guides there to take tricky and panoramic pictures that would really be able to capture the gigantic tree.

It felt creepy pushing yourself to get into the tree though but it was an overwhelming experience as it is something that you can't usually do on a normal tree. Just make sure to wear something conducive for climbing up and clinging through the branches to have a perfect shot of the whole tree.

From Eco park, we went on a 15 min ride to Caunayan Falls in San Luis, Aurora. A 5 minute trek to the falls for an entrance fee of Php 20.00. It was great to take a dip in the cold waterfalls for refreshment from a long road trip from Manila to Aurora. It was a relief!

With Kuya Alberto (my tour guide) preparing a fresh buko juice for me:)


I've never been to this wonderful place in Baler Quezon! It's so beautiful seems so mysterious, perhaps full of legendary stories. Mary, I missed a lot of your posting and finally i found some time to open my Google +! You look so inspiring & intriguing with your surrounding of the beauty of nature, Hoping, you can tour me there too! Best Regards! Tito Bert