To the surfing capital- Baler, Aurora: Part IV: Hanging bridge and Dela Torre Beach Resort

Seizing the day as what we got from the Dead Poet Society movie.. I am wholly embracing this principle in my life and of course, I am applying this for my escapade in Baler, Aurora, Philippines.
Since I am already here for a day tour, I will roam around the whole place as much as I can. Starting with the hanging bridge in Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora.  Crossing this bridge gives me butterflies in my stomach but it was all worth for the adventure. It was a long stretched of the bridge from one barangay connecting to the other barangay and this is where the people will pass everyday. So you would just wonder where they get the guts of crossing this extensive lengthy bridge or they just really have no choice of choosing other ways.

Moving on to the next site is the Dela Torre beach resort. Surprisingly, this is the awesome rock formation in Zabali, Baler.The rough edged rocks add up to the great beauty of the beach. It is a perfect place for wandering, soul searching and for me time.

You will really enjoy the place as you will have the chance to take pictures of this beautiful resort. You can run around and play in the shore. Be amuse of capturing the exquisite sky, rocks and beach.And Furthermore, you will be shocked of the entrance fee to experience this amazing place. It is Php10.00 per head.