Sometimes you don't realize your fear of heights until you stand at the edge of the cliff, ready to jump.” 
― BlueMystique

Fear of heights? yeah right!.. I can definitely relate to that. I could not imagine myself being able to survive extreme, nerve-racking and pulse exploding activity.  I jumped 15 feet high, slid through rough rocks, walked for an hour and swam between canyons. These are the things that you would be getting yourself into as you decide to try canyoneering. And from then on, you will learn to love Cebu more.
From Cebu South Bus Terminal, you can take a bus to Badian for an approximately 3-4 hours travel. Bus fare for non-aircon is Php126.00 and for Php 136.00 for the aircon bus. The recommended time for canyoneering should start at 9 am - 12 noon for safety purposes.

Last October 11, 2015, twelve Cebu Bloggers headed by Mark Monta with the sponsorship of Icanyon Cebu and Kawasan Coop were asked to experience this most talkof the town water activity between the towns of Alegria and Badian. The latter, arrived in the house of the tour operator at 8:30 in the morning. We were calibrated with the do's and don'ts as this is part of the SOP of the tour operator to ensure the safety of their clients. We were then asked to put on our life jackets, helmets, aqua shoes and prepare ourselves to the most awaited adventure! We were dropped off at Alegria where we needed to logged our names for documentation in their tourism desk. Then we headed to the starting point of the escapade
The twelve Cebu Bloggers Society members getting ready to experience adrenaline rush activity
The first jump was intensely high. As for me, that was the highest jump i have ever done in my entire life. Literally, it gave me goosebumps and made my knees uncontrollably shaking as I positioned myself to jump at the same time praying not to accidentally hit myself to a rock. But gladly, I was able to do it. I conquered my fear! Well, if not with the well-experienced and well-trained tour guides from Icanyon cebu, I couldn't be assured of our safety. Salute to them!

Waiting for the others to jump while hidden in the cave

One of the may canyons we've passed through

Yang- taking a rest while preparing for the next jump

Me, Nym, Guada and the rest of the CBS bloggers seizing the moment of this great adventure

Icanyon tour guide ensuring our safety before plunging into the blue crystal water

The tour guides in action

Hannah- heading towards the third falls of Kawasan

The topmost level of Kawasan Falls
We traversed through the canyons nearly for five hours as we took our time in taking pictures and appreciating the beauty of nature. When we reached the third falls of Kawasan, I made time to plunged myself into the cold fresh water and went on to the first falls as our lunch prepared by Mr. Isau of Kawasan Coop was waiting for us to be devoured.

Thank you Kawasan Coop for our food
This event was made possible by Icanyoneering in partnership with Kawasan Coop

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