Cebu's destination :Temple of Leah

The course of true love never did run smooth.
   -William Shakespeare

Who would not have imagine about Mt. Olympus? Where our greek mythology gods and goddesses reside, where Zeus reigns and people are captivated with Aphrodyte - the goddess of love and beauty. Where Athena guides the war and Aries brings out the message. where we can witness a flying horse named pegasus who saves people.

And who would not dream of seeing the grand palace of Taj Mahal in India? I indeed include this in my bucket list to personally be able to testify the great love of the king to his wife in which triggers this palace to become a realty.

Yes! In the Philippines specifically in the beautiful city of Cebu. A plan was created and it came to be a combination of both Mt. Olympus in Greece and Taj Mahal of India. An approximately ten to fifteen minutes from the center of Cebu is the barangay Busay. It is located in the uphill side, where the known "Mountain View" is spotted and "Lantaw" the cebuano restaurant that caters the delicious taste of its native cuisine. There stood the "Temple of Leah."

This enormous structure is a metaphor of a great love by Teodorico Soriano Adarna owner of Queensland Motels,  to his late wife  Leah Villa Albino Adarna. 

How to get there:

> If you are driving your own car -  Go on the same way to Mountain view but instead of going up to your right, just go straight passing Lantaw Restaurant.

>  For commuters, from JY square, you can ride a motorcycle or a cab.