Sagada Haven

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.” 
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Since the movie, " That thing called Tadhana " was shown to the public, it indeed relates and connects to people especially in dealing with a broken heart. Same thing with Sagada- It left an imprint to the people that somehow, this beautiful place, the grandeur of nature's scenery specifically the sea of clouds in Kiltepan Peak would be the best place to shout all your heartaches.

How to get there:

From Baguio:
Go to the old Dangwa Terminal in Magsaysay. The earliest trip to Sagada would be six in the morning. They don't accept reservations, so you have to be there as early as 5:30 am or even 5am if it's a holiday. The fare would be Php 220.00/ head. The trip would take six hours with 2 bus stop points in every  two hours.

If you are quite uneasy in a zigzag type of road. It is therefore highly suggested that you have to take 2 tablets of bonamine.
The first bus stop at Atok

Due to the holidays, Sagada was full of people. So, as expected I made reservation before our trip in Residential Lodge for Php300.00/head ( with private cr and most importantly hot/cold shower)

Upon arrival in Sagada, You have to go straight to the  Tourist Desk to register for Php 35.00/ head. You may also inquire the tours & services you want to avail just like spelunking, trekking and much more.


We arrived at 11 am, we went straight to Salt and Pepper for Lunch. Their food is within the price range of Php 150-250.


We then headed to the Bomod-ok tour. The trek will take 4 hours to and from the falls. We have to pay for the car services and that's for Php 550.00/ Tamaraw FX but if you want an easier way in going up from the falls then it will cost higher which is Php 650.00/car. You will also need to pay Php 500 for the tour guide. and Php10.00/ head for the entrance.

Next stop was to watch the sunset in Sagada which is  located in the opposite side of our trip which cost Php 550 for that tour with a side trip to Sagada Lake.

We had dinner at Yoghurt house where the best pasta can be tasted. (Prices ranging from Php 150-250).

We savored  the time we had in this beautiful cold place, so we hit towards Rock Inn to watch the cultural dance of the Cordilleras for Php100/ head with 1 round of  drinks. In going there, you may need to get another service as this is quite far from the center of Sagada. But if you choose to walk, It may take 20-25 mins. and you will be walking in the dark freezing night.

We went home at 10 pm to make sure we still have enough time to rest and sleep for we had arranged a trip to Keltipan Peak and Orange picking  for Php 600/ car at 4:30am. 

We woke up early to prepare ourselves to go to our favorite destination. The road to the peak may take 20 minutes so we left 4:30am as planned.

It was still very dark when we reached Keltipan Peak but was so amazed as it is already flooded with people. Many of them are preparing their cameras and some are warming themselves at the bonfire. What's good about it is there were many stores opened for us to buy coffee, noodles soups and biscuits.

Finally, Mr. Sun came out and the people were so happy to see him. They shouted as their wait was over. We took pictures and searched for perfect spots to capture the beauty of the place.

Our next stop was at the Rock Inn for orange picking but sadly, we were on 2 hour waitlist so we didn't push through as it may already be late for us to go back to Baguio which the last trip will be at 1pm.

We had our breakfast at Sagada Brew, I love the pesto pasta and the lava cake.

Before we headed to the terminal, we went to Sagada Lemon Pie to buy lemon cake for pasalubongs.