Byaheng Zambales: Anawangin Cove

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. - T. S. Eliot

I can't get enough of this amazing place, Carpe'diem!
Your travel blogger is now on the verge of exploring Zambales for the first time. I have been searching for places that would be a new adventure for me and  I was in a quest for unique insight and exposure. I came across an image of Anawangin Cove in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales.

I got curious about how to reach this beautiful island and after a lot of research, I was ready to disembark from my comfort zone.

How to get to Zambales:

* If you are on a private vehicle, take a four-hour road trip from Manila to Zambales, passing through Olongapo City to the town called San Antonio. 
A "must need to do" once you arrived in the center of the town is to look for their market near the plaza to buy food to cook on the island if you are planning to stay overnight in Anawangin / Nagsasa Cove.

Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales
From there, You go straight to Barangay Pundaquit, San Antonio for the bangka that will give you a ride towards the coves.
  • If you will be commuting from Manila, you can ride a Victory liner bus to Iba, Zambales, from there take a tricycle that will send you to San Antonio.
*** Tip before going to Anawangin Cove /  Nagsasa Cove - be sure to have a contact person from Pundaquit that will give you a package of the overnight camp to the island and most importantly for you to ask for updates regarding the weather, as sea conditions may change without forecast and may hinder you from pushing through with the island hopping which is really a great disappointment if you have traveled a long way just to get there.
  • My contacts from PUNDAQUIT:  For reservations and overnight package:
 1. Nora's Beach Resort: You may look for ate Nancy
    Globe #: 0977-812-5506
     Smart #: 0918-278-8188
     Facebook page: norasbeachresort9

 2. Shella Soliman  Globe #: 0927-268-4714
(She accepts package tour minimum of 5 pax for Php 750/ head) 
*Rate may change without prior notice.

  Package Inclusions:

  Boat ride to Anawangin cove and Nagsasa cove, tent, charcoal,
  drinking water, ice, cooking utensils, and entrance fees to the islands.

The beach in Anawangin Cove
The cottages in Anawangin
A fifteen to twenty-minute boat ride from Pundaquit will lead you to the exquisite island of Anawangin cove. You will be reminded of a perfect masterpiece by just looking at the scenery. The cove is perfectly fit for an overnight camp as campsites are impeccably situated in the center of the beautiful pine trees and restrooms are also accessible.

more pictures of Anawangin Cove:

The next stop is Nagsasa Cove: Thirty to forty-five-minute boat ride from Anawangin Cove.