My Cobie

My great companion, my friend and my buddy - Cobie!

One day, when the world seemed so lonely and I felt so alone…somebody gave him to me.
He was 2 months old then. He was so tiny, so fragile and so needy that I often carry him and always feed him. He was so cute that  loving and taking care of him was such a pleasure.
The first time  I held him, I know he will be comfortable with me. He was hesitant at first that when i brought him to my home, he seemed afraid that he always hid himself under my bed. As days passed, he follows me wherever I go, he sleeps besides me and he runs with me.

My sweet lil Cobie

Cobie is such a cutie patotie. He is such a sweet little dog. He loves being cuddled and wants belly rub all the time. Especially when I arrived from work, he is  already wiggling his tail while waiting for me to open the door.

Cutie Patotie - Cobie

Last March 24, 2016, An Unexpected thing happened, when we were running and playing in the front yard of the house, the gate opened someone from the house was about to go out and surprisingly, I right away heard a cry from a puppy- I never thought it was Cobie - he was hit by a motorcycle. His right leg was covered with blood already, I thought he was gonna die. I took him and I rushed him to his vet. I was told that a bone was broken after medicating him and got x - rayed. He was on a splint and was on cage rest. For a night he was at the hospital. I can't sleep, I just cried the whole night. I just can't believe of what happened.

It took almost a month of daily cleaning of his wound, two kinds of antibiotics, vitamins, sedation for us to be able to change his bandage. It was such a traumatic experience for him and for me. I was even told by his vet that he will be wearing a cast on his leg for about six months  to make sure his bone will properly grows.

I took care of him. Setting aside all my wants to take care of this lil one. I prayed for his safety and recovery -  and to my surprise, after another round of  x-ray, the vet gave me a good news, she said, his bone is fixed and he is good without a cast now. He is now okay and running with me. It only took him less than a month to be well.
Cobie and I having our afternoon run

Cobie is my company at Starbucks

 Cobie's right leg is okay now

Cobie is tired of our jog