Osmeña Peak 2016

Sunrise from Osmeña Peak

As an update from my blog last year  entitled: A climb to Osmeña Peak, as there has been improvements made in Osmeña Peak; thus my reason for writing this blog.
The view from the top of Osmeña Peak

If you want to go for a climb to witness the beautiful sunrise, I recommend to start your trip at 2 am from South bus terminal. The fare for an aircon Ceres bus is Php 120 per person. Most probably you will arrive at 4:30 to 5 am. If you want to have a cup of coffee and a piece of bread, you can have your breakfast at a restaurant just across the corner towards Mantalungon. If you need to buy a bottle of water, soda or chips - there is also a 7-11 just near the terminal of motorcycle (habal-habal) for you to get to Osmeña Peak.
The habal-habal (a motorycle that could fit 2 people excluding the driver) is the service that would bring you to Osmeña Peak for Php100 per person per way. A total of Php 200 to and fro Mantalungon for 30-45 minutes.
The starting point of your trek on your way up to Osmeña Peak
The registration venue for Osmeña Peak

Once you arrive at the starting point of Osmeña Peak, A new registration place has been built and a fee is asked for Php30 per person. The good thing about it is you can already use a comfortable restrooms before your climb. And if you would like to stay overnight, you can also rent a tent Php 150 ( if price has not change yet), You may also choose to go down to the registration place if you feel you need to use the restroom.
 This mark the start of the climb to Osmeña Peak
The view at the starting point of Osmeña Peak
The trail towards Osmeña Peak
The view on top of Osmeña Peak
The campsite on my background
People were just so amazed of the beautiful scenery at Osmeña Peak
 Sunrise at Osmeña Peak

Overlooking Mantalungon, Dalaguete - Osmeña Peak

Amidst the inclined walk and the fear of heights, the feeling of the fresh cold air and the stunning view of the sun rising are all just worth it. I would still love to climb again and again. I even plan to stay overnight from afternoon before sunset until the sunrise of the next day. I just love to stare at these beautiful creations. These are often seen by us in our daily walks of life but often taken for granted. I just want to pause and take my time to appreciate the beautiful creation.