Dong Juan

July 20, 2016 -  Dong Juan was our current destination for the  Zomato event. Fifteen foodies and bloggers of Zomato were invited to dine and experience the New Collection of Dong Juan!

Who would have thought of something very peculiar of putting our very own"tablea" as toppings for our pasta and our bread - It's the dynamic resto, Dong Juan!

By their name alone they have already shown their patronage in serving the Cebuanos. With the first word "Dong" a Cebuano term which means boy in english and the second word,  "Juan" means the national personification of the Philippines, often used to represent the "Filipino"

Dong Juan's kiddie coloring materials

Dong Juan offers best comfort to all its customers. They just newly launched the coloring material for kids to get them busy while waiting for their food and the best news is they also have prepared a special menu for them. 

Along with that launching, is the Introduction for the Newest Collection of Tablea infused pasta and bread. Dong Juan believes that Tablea does not have to be limited to drinks and desserts but can also serve as a great flavour to main dishes like pasta and bread. Let me show you their tablea inspired pasta:

Dong Juan's Carbonara with Cacao de Bola

Dong Juan's Spanish Chorizo Pasta with Cacao de Bola

Dong Juan's new collection of Tablea toppings ton their pasta

And of course Dong Juan's best sellers:

Gooey Mozarella Stick Fritters with Marinara Sauce, Buffalo Wings with a Dong Juan Twist and their House Ice Tea

Seafood Soup

Gambas Pasta

All Meat Pochero

Baby Back Ribs in Barbecue Sauce

Kalamasnsi Blush

This is my favorite drink as it is very unique. It is an infusion of fresh strawberries and Kalamansi. I love the sweetness it brings because of the strawberry. A must try, I would say!

And the famous Dong Juan Mug Cake that comes in variety of flavors. They have Dark Fudge, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Crunchy Cookie Butter and S'mores

Dong Juan's Mug Cake

For Reservations, you may contact them at these numbers:

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