"Serving Filipino Good Food"

As Cebuanos we ought to have good taste of looking for food - the kind of food that really deals with our hunger cravings, the big cups of rice kind of serving and the viands that suffice what our tummy wants.

It was a rainy sunday afternoon, me and my brother were craving for a hot soup tinola, crispy pata that perfectly goes with the spicy soy sauce mixed with vinegar and calamansi, and we just feel the need to tucked in to a seat with a table complete with our favorite dishes!

Cravings satisfied when we found the perfect place to be at KKD STK & BBQ!  A restaurant situated across MalacaƱang of Cebu just before you reach the entrance of South Road Properties. It opens its doors to serving Filipino good food last June 17, 2016.

Outside of KKD STK & BBQ

Outside of KKD STK & BBQ

Inside of KKD STK & BBQ

Looking at the place from the outside seemed fancy compared to any BBQ place - I may say, it is an instagram worthy especially with its rustic theme that exudes its beauty using ordinary materials that turn out to be extraordinary with the use of art and great interior designs altogether. Surprisingly the prices are affordable. It is definitely a great place to recommend to treat your favorite person, your family, your friends and your team.

Menu and price list of KKD STK & BBQ

You got to eat "lutong -bahay food" at its finest. And wait there's more to that, this new place does serve chicharon cooked upon order from customers.

Chicharon at KKD STK & BB for Php 120.00

One of the most delicious, crispy chicharon in town. I like how the chicharon is newly cooked when served to their customers. Its indeed saving a trip to carcar and allowing KKD STK & BBQ to serve it in your table - without further ado!

Pork Belly at KKD STK & BBQ for Php 100.00

The pork belly tasted sweet and very relatable as it sticks to the filipino tongue.

Scallops  KKD STK & BBQ for Php 130.00

The scallops were great, cheesy and sweet!

Crispy Pata of KKD STK & BBQ for Php 290.00

The tenderness of the Crispy Pata was indeed unforgettable, as the  owner of KKD said, the preparation of the Crispy pata would take 4 hours. They make sure they are on top of the quality of their food.

My most awaited part of the dinner though is of course -  the dessert, KKD STK & BBQ has the most delicious leche flan I've ever tasted in my life! - yes, I am not exaggerating. It does melt in your mouth and its unique taste of citrus,  balances the sweetness of the leche flan. The presentation was beyond the expectation. It has mangoes on top! 

Leche Flan at KKD STK & BBQ for Php 40.00 

Fruit salad at KKD STK & BBQ for Php 80.00

Aside from the leche flan, they also have fruit salad with whipped cream on top. Everything we want for a good Filipino food are just right on their menu, only at KKD STK & BBQ! Visit them now: M. C. Briones Street, San Roque, Cebu from 10am to 10pm with acoustic performances on weekends ( Fridays and Saturdays).

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