"Barcelona" - The Story Untold

"Mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako hindi dahil mahal kita" ( translation: Love me because you love me not because I love you). A line by Mia - the character of Kathryn Bernardo as she fiercely freed herself and proved her worth as a woman who deserves the best  for herself and not just to settle for less.
Thus, reminded me of a book by Mandy Hale that says," And stop looking for the WHY and start looking for the GOOD in goodbye…cause it’s there. When things end with no warning and leave you feeling as though your world has been flipped upside down…there is something greater at work. The exit of that person, thing, or dream was a boarding pass to somewhere new…somewhere better…somewhere you NEED to be that you weren’t going to get to without losing some of the baggage. Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you. Thank God that He meddled before you settled."
Love is what everybody needs! It is an essential factor for all persons to survive and live. Moreover, loving yourself is equally significant for you to be able to reciprocate the love of the people around you and for you to be able to give love to the people you want to love too.
I would say, The Movie was Great! It's worth watching. We can learn a lot of life lessons in the story. Unexpectedly different from the usual Filipino love story. I did not forsee that both the young actors, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo can deliver their roles very excellently. I am not a fan but I just could not stop the "kilig" feeling of how they express and utter their "pasabog" lines.  

PLOT:  The plot of the story connects importantly to each scenes of the movie. How the baggages in each of their lives stop them from moving on and experiencing the awesomeness of life. Flashbacks were used to show the viewers how the actors came to a point of being in Barcelona striving to get a better life. The church of Sagrada Familia also known as The Church of Atonement has been repeatedly emphasized in the movie and it served as their main location of how they got acquainted, bid goodbyes and started a new chapter of their life. Probably because they both need to apologize to both of their parents to let go of their frustrations, their disappointments and yearn for their parents' blessing to follow what they want to become and to soar high and reach their dreams.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Most of the scenes were taken in Barcelona, Spain. Effortless to say, Barcelona is a great location, filled with exceptional structures and wonderful colors. The view of the sea conveys the light and happy atmosphere set up to show the love story of the two characters.

TONE: Despite their loneliness and confusion of each other's situation, Characters' script were kept with humor and full of life. Series of unfortunate events may had happened but still,  light and happy tone were maintained.

MUSIC AND TONE: I'll never love this way again sang by Mr. Gary Valenciano sums up everything what the story is all about. It undoubtedly adds up the mood of the love story in the movie. The love song vividly emblazons the hurt and the love that both Mia (Kathryn) and Ellie (Daniel) is feeling.

ACTING: All roles were given justice by the actors of the movie. Even just by looking at their facial expression, you can feel their sadness, their hurt and their joys. Their eyes are just so evocative of their feelings in each scene. I greatly admire how each of the characters contributed to the success of the movie, Barcelona.

Overall rating of "Barcelona" - A love Untold, I would say 9 over 10. As what I've read about the comments of this movie, It is not the typical KathNiel movie but a mature KathNiel love story. Indeed, I agree with what was said as the movie is not just about teenagers in love but a love story that is not perfect but made perfect because of how they dealt with their past, left their baggages and moved on by not forgetting their past but learning from it.