McSpicy Burger is back!

What a perfect time to spice up the day with the return of McSpicy burger only at Mcdonalds! 

Awaiting the clock to strike at three in the afternoon as I am so fired up with the fact that I will be attending to one of our CBS ( Cebu Bloggers Society ) talks after work, and what's adding to my current excitement is it's sponsored by no other than Mcdonalds - Aegis IT Park. Not to mention, Mcdonalds is bringing back my favorite Mcspicy Chicken!

As the food was served, I was in a haste of making my first bite to taste this crispy spicy burger! ( with crunchy fries on the side and royal float )What could you ask for more???!!!
It is such a stress reliever after a long week of working hard.

Ukay- Ukay Diva with Ly of overrated friday, Philip from Almost a blogger and Me of Glitterzescapades (from left to right )

The CBS Talk was indeed a success. Not only with it's goal of bringing back the passion of the bloggers but it indeed gave us time to bond with each other and share each others' stories while eating the  McSpicy burger.

We really had fun and the time just speedily passed. So true that when you get to enjoy the time, you wouldn't be conscious of the it.

The Cebu Bloggers Society Members

Just sharing my story with this McSpicy Burger at Mcdonalds Aegis. Please feel free to visit and experience a great bond with your family and friends as you get to share delicious food only from Mcdonalds.