Hair Strobing from Matrix only at Salon de Rose

Have you been dreaming of bringing back your old dark hair after several hair colors? Yes I was one of those people who think its a hopeless case. Dry, unhealthy and few strands of gray hair are my concerns. And I've been searching and looking for any hair treatment that could at least solve one of these problems. None of any hair colors that I know of seemed to give me any resolutions to my worries. Not until today! This day, I got to know a new brand hair color and a new hair coloring technique which is called the "Hair Strobing" from MATRIX only offered by Salon de Rose

Full Hair Strobing by Matrix only at Salon de Rose
Where did Strobing start? Strobing originated in makeup, you know of the different styles of putting on your highlights and blush ons to the key areas of the face to draw attention to your favorite features. Now, this trend has expanded beyond makeup to hair styling. There are several types of strobing styles: the cheek strobe, the jaw strobe, the eye strobe and the full strobe. Matrix is featuring the "Rock n' Strobe" which represents the rebellious trendsetter who loves to jam out, ham out and break the rules. There's a youthful energy pulsing through our set, and the only accessory required is a little bit of attitude. Strobe on!

Full Hair Strobing by Matrix only at Salon de Rose

It was such a surprise on my part that they were able to exquisitely transform my light brown hair back to a dark matte ash brown color. I was thankful as they've done what I thought would be impossible to do. Salon de Rose never fail to offer best services to their clients. The have been really sensitive of knowing their customers needs and wants. As a result, they are the first salon bringing the Rock n' Strobe here in Cebu!

Full Hair Strobing by Matrix only at Salon de Rose

Salon de Rose was one of the first Cebu-based salons that introduced the use of the now very popular Kerastase Hair Care products. Today with 30 branches nationwide, Salon de Rose continues to provide its clients top-notch products and services just like the new "Matrix, Hair Strobing"

Matrix and Salon de Rose - Shopwise Cebu Associates 

With the best quality products, the best quality services, highly trained, qualified and welcoming staff, Salon de Rose is truly the home of good grooming, beauty hair and skin care.