Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Saving Sally

One of the most awaited movie  for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival is Saving Sally, A Philippine animated movie that talks about "Sally" a gadget inventor with her best friend, Marty who is secretly in love with her.  Much to our surprise, Saving Sally does not only tackle inventions and fictions but it also opens up the topic of having someone grounded to be just on the friend zone - a very relatable experience to almost all of us.

Saving Sally promotion with Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos at Ayala Center Cebu
Saving Sally promotion with Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos at Ayala Center Cebu
Saving Sally promotion with Rhian Ramos at Ayala Center Cebu

Cebu was one of the fortunate places visited by the casts of Saving Sally. Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos spent the whole day in Cebu to promote Saving Sally. They dropped by Freeman, GMA 7, University of San Carlos and the last stop was at the Gallery in Ayala Center Cebu.

To quote what Rhian has to say about Saving Sally, 

"I truly believe that this is also the first and only time that we've seen anything like this. I hope people would really come out and watch… and so much of unexpected. It is quite an adventure, things like this make us feel kilig, humbled and overwhelmed. Our story is quite simple but made complex on how its presented because of the animation that makes you feel the emotions in so many different ways using so many different styles.. The story is simple and relatable. Everyone's been through it. Everyone has either like someone but not really ready to make it into the relationship. Or like me I feel like the best kind of love there is , is unrequited love because the longer you don't talk about it - it just becomes more unbearable and then you wanna spill it!

With what Rhian said,  it leaves you more curious, eager and excited to watch Saving Sally. Mark your calendar this December 25, 2016 at the Cinemas near you!

Rhian Ramos with fans at Ayala Center Cebu

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