Bluewater Sumilon Island

You will never regret in choosing Cebu as your course of destination for a summer vacation. Aside from the prominent white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water of the island of Cebu, you will have a lot of options to go to whenever you want to avoid the crowded city.

One best destination in the Queen City of the South is the glamorous Island of Sumilon. Situated on the South eastern tip of Cebu in the famous town of Oslob where you can also do a side trip to the whale shark watching. The 24-hectare coral island is best notable for its pristine white sand beaches. Its sandbar is known for its changing shapes and shifting locations around the island, depending on the season. There is a natural lagoon teeming with high mangroves. On the south side, a lighthouse rests in a protected tree park and a "Baluarte", a 19th century historical watch-tower. It is also home to the Philippines' first marine sanctuary.
The pristine white sand beach and the crystal blue water of Bluewater Sumilon Island

The pristine white sand beach and the crystal blue water of Bluewater Sumilon Island

Without any further ado, your travel blogger was invited to experience the enchanting island of Bluewater Sumilon. A four hour drive to the southern part of Cebu may sound tiring but gladly, Cebu's natural beauty will keep you alive and thrilled to experience and enjoy the great scenery.

If you will be in a private vehicle, the trip may shorten to 3 hours from the city of Cebu to Sumilon Island. You can choose to drop by the town of Carcar to buy Cebu's original lechon for a lesser cost that ranges to Php 350 -Php 400 per kilo with the famous chicharon and puso 
(the rice wrapped in a banana leaf).
If you will take an air-con bus, it will cost less than Php 300 per person to get you to Oslob, Cebu.

At 6 am we were headed to Sumilon Island in a private vehicle. We stopped for a fifteen minute bio break at Boljoon where we were not able to resist to take pictures of the historical church and houses in the place.

A nostalgic scenery from the town of Boljo-on, Cebu

When we arrived at the front desk of Bluewater Sumilon Island,  we were given welcome drinks to quench our thirst and refreshed ourselves while waiting for the boat that will take us to the island.

the pathway to the ferry to Sumilon Island

A fifteen minute boat ride will lead you to the appealing island of Sumilon. You will be amazed on how the staffs welcome you with a grand smile and give you a cold face towel freshen up your face.

Upon arrival, we headed to their main restaurant called the "Payag- Payag" where we prepared ourselves to take pictures of the beautiful resort.

 the enticing infinity pool of Bluewaters Sumilon Island

here we were - enjoying the magnificent view of Sumilon Island

Of course, with great place comes great food. Our lunch with all the prominent people - Oslob's Mayor Jun Tumulak and the Executives of Bluewater Sumilon Island, we also dined with the Miss Philippines Earth Eco- Tourism 2016, Miss Philippines Fire 2016 and Miss Philippines Earth 2016.

photo with the Mayor, Bluewater's Executives, the beautiful ladies of Miss Earth Philippines 2016 and the Bloggers

appetizers are amazing
all time favorite salad
desserts after a great lunch
fruits are enjoyable in the island
cocktails are available here... isn't this what we need especially under the heat of the sun?

my most favorite tropical fruit in the island

We had the whole day of enjoying the island. We trekked and we were introduced of the "new thing" in the island. They now produce their own spices, honey, and some of the vegetables. We also spent time snorkeling, swimming and touring around the island in a boat. It was indeed a lot of fun. Something that you need to do every now and then to have a getaway from the hectic schedules and just commune with mother nature.

the island produced honey

For inquiries and reservations: BLUEWATER SUMILON
Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
T : +639 32 318 9098 / 318 3129 / or +63917 631 71512
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 with my fellow bloggers at Bluewater Sumilon
 with my fellow bloggers at Bluewater Sumilon