Friday, February 3, 2017

Discover more of the Philippines via Cebu with the new Philippine Airline Routes

I am a travel blogger.. and I am proud to discover my own country - The Philippines!
And as I have my own intention of knowing my country more and yearning to experience more of my own LAND!
             The Philippines is blessed with beautiful islands and crystal pristine waters. It is therefore favorable to travel and conquer your own realm.

Thanks to Philippine Airlines ("the heart of the Filipinos") they have made traveling easy as they open more flights and new routes to bring people to their favorite Philippine  destination.

The press conference was held at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Last January 26, 2017.  The event was participated by selected media people in and outside of Cebu. I can't help but be excited to know more of the new flights offered by Philippine Airlines as facilitated by Mr. Eric Tan, himself, special assistant to the SVP, Philippine Airlines.

Here are new routes:
flights starting January 30, 2017

*CLARK 4x Weekly

From Cebu to Clark 8:55 AM (MO- WE- FR- SU)
            7:00 AM (MO- WE- FR- SU)

flights starting March 26, 2017


From Cebu 8:40 AM
To Cebu      1:50 PM


From Cebu 8:40 AM (MO- WE- FR- SU)
        12:30PM (TU- THU- SA)

To Cebu 10:35 AM (MO- WE- FR- SU)
                  2:25 PM (TU-THU-SA)


From Cebu 8:40 AM (TU- THU- SA)
      12:50 PM (MO- WE- FR- SU)

To Cebu     10:20 AM (TU- THU- SA)
        1:35 PM (MO- WE- FR- SU)

** SURIGAO Daily

From Cebu 10:10 AM (TU- THU- SA)
        12:30 PM (MO- WE- FR- SU)

To Cebu     11:15 AM (TU- THU- SA)
        1:35 PM (MO- WE- FR- SU)

Cebu Bloggers Society with Mr. Eric Tan (special assistant to the SVP, Philippine Airlines)

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