Cafe Egao means Cafe Smile

I couldn't agree more with Mother Teresa when she said  "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. 

It is always so heartwarming to see people wearing beautiful smiles in their faces. It changes your mood, gives you positive vibes and makes you feel welcome. And the new friends that I've come to know in this Cafe must have really understood it very well as I considered them the experts of making their customers really feel comfortable and at home.

Me at Cafe Egao, feeling at home and writing my blog
Refreshing it is to have your own place that you feel home. I am absolutely mesmerized by the uniqueness of this Cafe known by the name "Cafe Egao" means Cafe Smile! The coziness of the place and the beautiful and warm smile of the people in this cafe is what's making me look forward of always coming back to this Cafe Smile in Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City. Cafe Egao is located on the right side of the road when going to Talamban. It's a few minutes away from San Carlos. Their operating hours is at 9:59 am to 11:59 pm, Mondays to Sundays!

Miss Tess Raguro, the owner, generously showing us the traditional way of roasting coffee
Me, enthusiastically trying to roast my own coffee
Almost done with making a great coffee 
This is it! One of the delicious Colombian Coffee in Cafe Egao
Finally, pouring the freshly roasted coffee in the cup at Cafe Egao

Jem is excited to taste her cup of Colombian Coffee

A little bit challenging it may seems in terms of space, as Cafe Egao has five tables inside and can extend to four more tables for outdoor serving, Miss Tess Raguro, the owner is planning to extend the place to accommodate more people this year. Cafe Egao has fast internet connection, spacious parking lot and tidy interiors. You will find a lot of Japanese materials like paintings and books. The place indeed is perfect for chit chatting, chill moments with friends or even for "me time". It's definitely worth trying!

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