The Controversial , Original X-rated version, Complete and Uncut, now with a New R-18 Rating.

Last April 20, 2017 at Robinson's Galleria- Cebu, Ms. Iza Calzado and Mr. Jerold Tarog visited the Cebuanos to reveal the great news about their movie Bliss that talks about the cycle of life. Generally gives us the view of the oppressors and the oppressed - a pattern that inevitably unfolds in our society.

Reminiscing the movie makes me more excited to know the reactions of the Filipinos as they will be introduced to a new style, a modern level and a unique way of a mind bugling movie that would really turn on your skeptic mind and maneuver your ways of developing your senses and reasoning.

The film had its world premiere at the Osaka Asian Film Festival last March, earning rave reviews from festivals critics and audiences. Iza Calzado bagged the coveted Yakushi Pearl Award for the Best Performer for her outstanding performance - the first international award for versatile actress.

I'm with Mr. Jerold Tarog (Director) and Ms. Iza Calzado (Actress)

"I try to push boundaries. As an artist, it's important to keep challenging myself and the audience," he says."We tried to do something different for "bliss" and we hope the audience will appreciate what we're trying to achieve." as what Mr. Jerold Tarog, the director says.

"Bliss", however, made the headlines after the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) gave the film an "X" rating during its first review, potentially banning the film from any commercial public screenings. The director and the producers of "Bliss" immediately submitted an appeal for reconsideration. After a second review, the film has now been reclassified to "R-18" rating.

Mr. Jerold Tarog (Director) of Bliss

PLOT:  The plot of the story connects importantly to each scenes of the movie. This movie talks about an actress, Jane Ciego played by Iza Calzado who entered showbiz at a young age. Though equally popular and successful, Jane, now in her 30's, has become tired of the usual project she's been getting. She decides to produce her own film to win some respect in the industry. But things do not go as planned. A terrible accident on the set of her dream project leaves her temporary crippled, trapped in a house filled with bizarre phenomena and under the care of her unfeeling husband and a strange nurse. With the horrors and madness escalating each day, Jane's simple dream becomes an endless nightmare.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Most of the scenes were taken in a creepy house where abnormal events would happen and these freaky and scary scenes have been vividly visualized and put into a reality by the impressive pictures and locations.

TONE: spooky and eerie sound effects add up to the weird and distressing scenes

ACTING: All roles were given justice by the actors of the movie. Even just by looking at their facial expression, you can feel their sadness, their hurt and their confusions. Their eyes are just so evocative of their feelings in each scene. I greatly admire how each of the characters contributed to the success of the movie, Bliss.

Ms. Iza Calzado (Actress) of Bliss

Overall rating of "Bliss", I would say 8 over 10. As what I've read about the comments of this movie, It is not the typical Filipino scary movie as it is not purely horror but it gives you a metaphor of how bothering it is to be imprisoned with your fears that even if you want to fight against it you are not able to you have no choice but to go with it and just let go.

 Cebu Media with Mr. Jerold Tarog and Ms. Iza Calzado at Robinson's Galleria for Bliss