Pamper yourself at Thai Boran- AS Fortuna branch!

A great day of pampering yourself at THAI BORAN after a week of hard work and hectic schedules!

Thanks to Miss Jenny Sison, the very young owner of Thai Boran in AS Fortuna branch (located just beside Oakridge) for inviting and letting us experience their massage services.

As I've entered the classy glass door of Thai Boran in AS Fortuna, I got mesmerized with  how spacious their reception area is with smiling receptionists leading me to come inside and to get ready to choose the kind of massage I want.

I was in awe of the interiors of the parlor.. It makes me say, "this is such a fancy, elegant and sophisticated design" much more when I knew that it was  Miss Jenny, the 26 year old owner , who designed their interiors.

Miss Jenny Sison, owner of Thai Boran - AS Fortuna branch

Aside from the cozy place, what caught my eyes were the receptionists' dress. It was more of a hotel like uniforms with a gold metal plate engraving their names. It's such a structured and fashionable things to consider. It gives you more comfort and security in choosing this branch.

When I got the chance to interview Miss Jen, I asked her what makes people come and choose your place? She gladly answered me these:
  • They are the only Thai Boran or massage parlor that offers these three services: Hot Oil Massage, Aroma Therapy, and Stone Massage.
  • They are the biggest Thai Boran branch in Cebu. It has 18 beds and 6 massage foot chair. It can definitely accommodate you and your friends.
  • They are open 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • They offer services at reasonable prices.
  • Parkings available in front of the massage parlor.
Thai Boran's associates with the owner - Miss Jenny Sison

Here are their services and prices:

Thai Boran's services

As for me, I made a wise decision to try one of the services that  I have not tried and that offered to any other massage parlor -  STONE MASSAGE. What makes it unique is that they will be rolling those warm smooth stone all over your body and it feels so relaxing. They would of course be putting oil all over you back, arms and legs then they put on the stones. The warmth of the stones give a relaxing feeling and it really can doze you to sleep. This would be going on for 90 minutes. 

Thai Boran - AS Fortuna branch in Cebu

Thai Boran - AS Fortuna branch in Cebu

So, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to experience Thai Boran's services at AS Fortuna Branch just beside Oakridge. They are open 24/7!