22 Thatcher Barbershop + Cafe

22 Thatcher is a premium Barbershop Cafe that opens its doors to the Cebuanos who love to have their hair cut done while having a shot of whisky or a cup of coffee to enjoy.

This Barbershop Cafe is located in the 2nd floor of Streetscape Cebu, Paseo Saturnino, Cebu City. Its aim is to give a classy haircut for men and a relaxing ambiance while enjoying great music to cool you down after a day's hard work.

22 Thatcher, the newest barbershop and cafe in town

22 Thatcher is owned by four bachelors. Three of them are from Manila - Michael Uy, Kenneth So and Calel Gosingtian and Ken Ngo as the only Cebuano in the group. Their main objective of coming up as the only barbershop and Cafe is mainly to be an avenue for hardworking gentlemen, as an exclusive place to cool down, listen to the music and be able to enjoy having a shot of malt whisky drink after having their hair done before going home.
22 Thatcher
22 Thatcher
When I asked one of the owners, Michael Uy with the following questions, here is what he has to say:
  • Why "thatcher"? > A thatcher is the a person who tends the roof or do vegetation of your hair.. It is more like of an analogy.
  • Why 22?  > Number 22 is more of our magic number. We have 4 chairs, 4 employees when we started and 4 partners..that's like 2 and 2 and we also have 22 whiskies.
  • Why Streetscape? >We believe Streetscape is the right place for us. It is in line of what we want to provide,  a higher experience. 22 Thatcher is an unusual place that has a huge space with just four chairs. It is more of an exclusive place for men.
  • What is the price for a regular haircut?  >It is Php 360.00 and a glass of whisky is within the range of Php100 - Php200.

Below are more photos to show you around the beautiful place of 22 Thatcher:

Going inside the glamorous place of 22 Thatcher

The bar at 22 Thatcher

Vintage collection at 22 Thatcher

Whiskies at 22 Thatcher

I love the interiors of 22 Thatcher

the fancy chandelier of 22 Thatcher

A shot of whisky on the rocks
Me and Wandering Ella with the 3 owners of 22 Thatcher (from left to right) Michael Uy, Calel Gosingtian and Ken Ngo 

Me and Wandering Ella with the 3 owners of 22 Thatcher (from left to right) Michael Uy, Calel Gosingtian and Ken Ngo 

Having fun with the bachelors at 22 Thatcher

Michael Uy of 22 Thatcher

Michael Uy of 22 Thatcher

Whisky and more whisky

The Cebu Bloggers Society members at 22 Thatcher
22 Thatcher Barbershop + Cafe
2nd floor, Streetscape
Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa, Banilad, Cebu City
Make your reservations now at # 0995-103-5415
Opens from: Mondays to Fridays:  1:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 9:00am to 12:00am