MyPocketDoctor Offers Unlimited Medical Consultations through M’Lhuillier Cebu

Ever wish you could see a doctor in the middle of a work day without taking time off? Or that you could be seen by a doctor in the middle of the night for a sudden illness? Ever fallen ill while traveling and had to go through the hassle and expense of dealing with a foreign hospital? Telemedicine is making all those situations things of the past. 

MyPocketDoctor Philippines, the nation’s first telemedicine platform has partnered with financial services provider M. Lhuillier to provide MyPocketDoctor’s flagship service--doctor consultations anytime/anywhere (on demand) via phone or the Internet—with unlimited consultations for an annual fee of P900 for one person, or P1995 for one adult and two dependents.

“Doctor consultations on demand via telemedicine mean no traveling while sick or transporting sick family members, no wasting time in waiting rooms, and no transportation expenses or lost wages from missing work to see a doctor,” said Mads Larsen, CEO of MyPocketDoctor Philippines. “Our patients are speaking with a doctor within 15 minutes of requesting a consultation, and any medications prescribed can be delivered to the patient or picked up at a the nearest branch of MyPocketDoctor’s pharmacy partner.”

A subscriber can log on to his/her MyPocketDoctor account or send an SMS to the hotline to access a team of nurses to whom he/she provides initial information.  A physician then calls the subscriber back (typically within 15 minutes) assesses his symptoms and prescribes medication, orders laboratory tests, makes a referral, or prescribes another mode of treatment as the subscriber’s case requires.

MyPocketDoctor also maintains a password-secure medical history accessible to both the physician and the patient, in order to record information which may assist in diagnosis of the subscriber’s medical concern.

About 50 practitioners with at least three years’ experience in various fields of medicine are on board.  The roster includes specialists in occupational medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics and family medicine, among others.

The partnership with M. Lhuillier expands the reach of MyPocketDoctor, making the service available to more Filipinos all over the world, particularly to overseas Filipino workers and their families and those in locations where doctors are not always present. Subscribers may choose a doctor fluent in either Bisaya or Tagalog, as they prefer.

MyPocketDoctor subscriptions may be paid over the counter at select M. Lhuillier branches.  Patients may also purchase one-time-use cards at M. Lhuillier branches.

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