Spending an amazing day at Solea Mactan Cebu Resort

You will never go wrong in choosing Cebu as your summer destination. Why?
  • You can have everything! Cebu is like a concrete jungle as you can go anywhere in 15 mins. may it be upland and lowland.
  • Cebuanos are warm and friendly. It wouldn't be a surprise on how Cebuanos would treat people asking directions as we are known to be very accommodating and hospitable.
  • Not to mention, we are known to be the home of crystal blue waters and natural white sand beaches.

Being able to say this, I have been a traveler in my own land, never an alien to my own place. I have been an enthusiast of new places to discover and promote, so now let me present to you, SOLEA Mactan Cebu Resort.

Solea Mactan Cebu Resort is situated in the town of Cordova, it is found in the midst of residential areas; hence it is in a private property where serenity abounds. Solea is designed for Family. Its main goal is to be a venue for family gathering.

the view at the Solea pool

the lagoon at Solea

Solea Mactan Cebu Resort the newest resort in Cordova.  A perfect location to watch the picturesque sunrise and sunset scenery of Cebu.  With six amazing pools where you can choose whatever pools you want to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the luxury of experiencing  Solea at its best. Another highlight that Solea is very proud of is their lagoon where it offers kayaking. 

Luckily for me, I was part of the media who got invited to experience a day at Solea. From the moment I stepped down from the bus, We were greeted gracefully with wide smiles by  Solea's associates. I looked around and I got mesmerized with how big the property is - Solea Mactan Cebu Resort stands in a thirteen hectare property.

me enjoying the beautiful scenery of Solea Mactan Cebu Resort

such a nice place to spend your day with

the lobby
As you step toward the lobby of Solea, you would be overwhelmed with how elegant their furnitures are. It definitely suits the ambiance. As you get more closer inside the lobby, you will be pleased with the swimming pools uncontrollably inviting you for a dip.

Solea's front desk officers


We had the opportunity to tour around the premises and checked their rooms. The rooms are spacious. It has a veranda, king size bed/ queen size beds, hot and cold shower, bath tub and if you will be coming in with your family, you can opt to have the connecting room adjacent to the other room for more accessibility and convenience.


In addition to the thrill of spending your staycation in Solea is sumptuous food at their hotel restaurant called "EARTH" the all day dining restaurant of Solea where it serves the most delicious korean chicken I have ever tasted.

"Earth" also offers Filipino dishes like pinakbet, lechon kawali, sinigang na hipon.

Solea's Korean Chicken
Solea's Pancit Canton

Solea's Pinakbet

Solea's Beef Stew
It was a grand day for the media having this privilege to experience Solea in  a day and having it as our day's beautiful playground resort where we can swim, run, bike, kayak, and take a lot of pictures.

Solea Mactan Cebu Resort is still on the verge of expanding more rooms, function rooms and more pools too. I just can't wait for this resort to become more known and to bring more tourists in Cebu.

It was one of the luxurious moment of my life as I was able to encounter Solea at its best. I would highly recommend the place for team outings, family bonding and staycations.

Victor Wahing Street, Alegria
Cordova, Cebu
Call (032) 517 8889