Buwakan ni Alejandra

Situated in the upland area of Barangay Gaas, Balamban, a few steps after Adventure Cafe, across Island in the Sky is a new mainstream of a flower farm in Cebu called the Buwakan ni Alejandra.

The Buwakan ni Alejandra

Unknown to the Cebuanos, Buwakan ni Alejandra had its soft opening last May 8, 2017, but due to lack of social awareness, only a few people came to know about it. The Buwakan ni Alejandra is solely owned by a local of Balamban - The Gentapa Family. Mr. Eleuterio Gentapa, 38 years old, loves to plant and breed flowers, thus the making of this beautiful garden.  He did the landscaping of his garden and if he has nothing to do, he would spend his time gardening and collecting the local flowers of Balamban. He plans to pursue a degree in Agriculture.
With Mrs. Lucille Gentapia of Buwakan ni Alejandra

Mrs. Lucille Gentapa, the wife, told us that after four months of waiting for people to visit their garden, their hard work paid off. Just last Friday Binibining Balamban held their photo shoot in the garden. Then it was featured on Facebook by a fellow blogger thus coming out of the Buwakan in the limelight of the Cebuanos. And flocks of people are starting to be curious of this beautiful flower garden. 

Cebuanos, presenting, Buwakan ni Alejandra!

Trivia: Why is it called Buwakan ni Alejandra? It is named after Mrs. Gentapia's mom who loved flowers a lot.

How to get there:

If you are on a private vehicle: From JY Square, it's a 30-45 minute drive to Barangay Gaas Balamban. Your visit will be worthwhile as you will have a lot of options to dine in like the Florentino's (the Tagaytay of Cebu), Adventure Cafe, Island in the Sky, Felixberto or West 35.

If on a public vehicle: From Ayala Center Cebu, you may ride a van going to Balamban with a fare of Php100.00 or choose to go up on a motorcycle (habal-habal) with a price range of Php 200-300 from JY Square.

The garden is open from 7 am to 6 pm Mondays to Sundays with Php50.00 entrance fee.

Note: Another beautiful garden is opening to the public and giving Cebu more fame to the tourists. Please visit with a sense of responsibility and a heart to preserve the beautiful Garden of Alejandra.