Gibbs' HotWings New Additions this October 2017!

Good things will come to those who wait!

"I've planned this recipe a long time ago and now is the time to make it into a reality," said Mr. Coy Oliva, owner of Gibbs' Hot Wings. And since it's Gibbs' anniversary this October, they are launching their new menu additions. Watch out for these this October 01, 2017.

Seven members of Cebu Bloggers Society were fortunate enough to be the first to try Gibbs' five additional  items in their menu, namely: 

1. Gibbs’ Juicy Lucy Burger Steak

Gibbs’ own-made tender, juicy beef patties, with a gooey cheesy center topped with our own house mushroom gravy and served with scoops of skin-on mashed potatoes. The juiciest, cheesiest, beefiest burger steak! 

 2. Spicy Adobo Wings 

A long overdue wings. Supposedly served since the start. But we took our time to perfect the essential Cebuano tasting adobo. And we serve it with just a light hint of spice!  A Pinoy take on wings which we feel is an essential part of being a true bred, Cebuano grown resto!  

      3. Gibbs’ Sausage Mac & Cheese 

5 varieties of cheeses melting altogether! A hefty, tummy-filling serving of Mac! And served with sausages! Completely filling! Homey and a real comfort food! Goodness you’d want anytime of the day! 

4. Gibbs’ Pulled-pork Tacos 

Slow cooked pork tenderized over 5 hours! Pulled and served with our own glaze on a soft shell taco topped with fresh greens! 3 handful wraps on each serving! 

5. Gibbs’ Orea ala Mode 

Deep fried oreos covered in an awesome creamy batter and served with thick vanilla ice cream topped with choco syrup! A real treat to cool down after having the best hot wings in town Gibbs’ Hot Wings! 

You will definitely get excited with the sumptuous taste of these new items as it expands more options for you to choose from when you dine in at Gibbs' HotWings.

See you there!