I Found my Heart In Santa Fe

"Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we're settling for."

Yes! I honestly agree with what Mandy Hale has said in her book and to complement with what Roxanne Barcelo has said in the movie press con at SM City Cebu last Sept 10, 2017, each woman is worth waiting for. A scene in the movie where Jennifer rises up from the crystal blue water of Santa Fe is a metaphor of washing up herself with her past and getting ready for her new life and love.

Thus, reminded me of a book by Mandy Hale that says," And stop looking for the WHY and start looking for the GOOD in goodbye…cause it’s there. When things end with no warning and leave you feeling as though your world has been flipped upside down…there is something greater at work. The exit of that person, thing, or dream was a boarding pass to somewhere new…somewhere better…somewhere you NEED to be that you weren’t going to get to without losing some of the baggage. Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you. Thank God that He meddled before you settled."

Love is what everybody needs! It is an essential factor for all persons to survive and live. Moreover, loving yourself is equally significant for you to be able to reciprocate the love of the people around you and for you to be able to give love to the people you want to love too.

Loving, getting hurt and loving again is such a relatable cycle of life. We all pass through that cycle but each of us has a different response to each of our experiences.
The casts of  I found my heart in Santa Fe with director Bona Fajardo

The local artists with director Bona Fajardo

As Cebuanos and as Filipinos in general. We ought to know what we have in our own land. We need to be the ambassadors for the promotion and preservation of our beautiful country that made us known to be the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

The movie, I Found My Heart in Santa Fe is one of those movies that has the objective and the vision of promoting the amazing white sand beaches of Santa Fe and definitely delivered its goal to the fullest of paving the way for Santa Fe to be in the limelight not only locally but also internationally.

Yours truly with Roxanne and Will

PLOT:  The plot of the story connects importantly to each scene of the movie. How the hurts and the brokenness of each character made them respond to their emotional needs. For Jennifer, she has her hiding place on the island where she can cry and release her heartaches while for Viktor, he wants to search for his mother he never knew and to immerse in his Filipino roots. The movie has been using metaphors to symbolize what the character wants to convey to the audience. 
Moving on from the hurt and loving again is basically the main thought of the movie. Both characters, Viktor and Jennifer needs to forgive and welcome love again in their lives. Viktor forgives his mom and Jennifer forgets the pain from her ex-boyfriend and desires to be loved again.

The real life partners, Will and Roxanne of I Found my Heart in Santa Fe

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Scenes were taken from Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu. Effortless to say, Santa Fe is a great location. The view of the sea conveys the light and happy atmosphere set up to show the love story of the two characters.

TONE: Despite their loneliness and confusion of each other's situation, Characters' script were kept with humor and full of life. Series of unfortunate events may have happened but still,  light and happy tone were maintained.

MUSIC AND TONE: You don't know me. It undoubtedly adds up the mood of the love story in the movie. The love song vividly emblazons the hurt and the love that both Jennifer(Roxanne) and Viktor(Will) is feeling.

ACTING: All roles were given justice by the actors of the movie. Including the local artists, they were all very ready and prepared in giving life to their characters. Even just by looking at their facial expression, you can feel their sadness, their hurt and their joys. Their eyes are just so evocative of their feelings in each scene. I greatly admire how each of the characters contributed to the success of the movie, I found my heart in Santa Fe.

The Cebu Bloggers Society members with director Bona Fajardo of I Found my Heart in Santa Fe

"I found my heart in Santa Fe" - As what the director, Mr. Bona Fajardo and the actors said, this movie is for Santa Fe. It is a chill movie that gives good feels - relaxing and soothing experience for the audience. Undeniably, the movie achieves its goals of really promoting Santa Fe. Thus, it is well supported by the locals of Bantayan Island, Cebu. It is a combination of a light, comedy, adventure and romantic story.  

Watch it on September 15, 2017, at SM Cinemas!